H ere in Kathmandu again, always a pleasure to be in Nepal. Glad to see what was long overdue in terms of relationship between India and Nepal has begun to happen with Prime Minister Narendra Modi HITing Nepal in full swing and style.

Nepal is a unique nation, only one of its kind in the world. Culturally, what India was before invasions happened. Been a political mess for the last decade. With political stability and appropriate support from India, Nepal should bustle economically without losing its unique cultural identity. India also should benefit with a bit of cultural fallback.

In two days will be hitting the mountain trail from Simikot to Hilsa. 8 days of heaven and hell - heaven for the eyes, hell for the legs. Particularly right now my legs are in a bit of an injury trauma and trail is not kind to not so good legs. But the lure of Kailash will override all pains and panting.


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To Kailash

Like the snows, I come and go
Like the snows, I melt at your feet
Like the snows, I adorn you
I am your footwear and your crown
Just trying to be as much to you
As you are to me

Will not only keep coming to you
As long as my lungs can hold
this life breath and my legs can hold
up to the pressures exerted by
the embrace of my Mother – Earth

Don't you mistake my southern
origins for the arrogance of
the ten-headed Lankan king

With my sheer absence
I will hold and transport you
South of Vindhyas. As the
ancient people of these gentle
lands have longed for You
for too long. Steadfast in devotion
Their hearts throb with
One single emotion
for You, You and You

Love & Grace