J ust back from Hyderabad where we conducted a three-day Inner Engineering program for the first Andhra Pradesh administration. It is probably the first time - not just in this country, but anywhere for that matter – that a whole administration, including the Chief Minister – is making an attempt to turn inward. Three hundred people attended, including cabinet ministers, IAS, IPS, IFS officers, mayors and their families. I don’t think this has ever happened anywhere. And though it started with much skepticism, by the last day, they were absolutely involved – laughing, singing and dancing. A government that dances is good.

In the CM’s words, this is a turning point and foundation for the 2029 vision of making Andhra the best and the happiest state. It is truly fantastic that the political leaders we are beginning to have are not just concerned about what is considered their duty, but are really looking at how to create wellbeing for the people. This is a landmark step and I want to make sure this bears one hundred percent results for the administration and for the people. There is much aspiration because this is a new state, and I hope all of those who have been with us stand up for this, the people of Andhra Pradesh should not be disappointed. This is most important. They have lived hard lives. If you go to many parts of the city and to the villages, people live extremely hard lives. Though India has a phenomenal intellect and a great heritage, we are living among the worst of lifestyles. Even if you walk to some of the most remote parts of Africa, their children are eating well. This is yet to happen in India.

The making of a prosperous and above all joyful Andhra Pradesh is a sacred duty for all of us.


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The commitment and vision with which this new state is being approached is quite phenomenal. I want to congratulate everyone for taking this step. It was very pleasant to see a Chief Minister so committed, and so sharp on everything. I have not even seen corporate leaders coming to decisions that quickly and clearly. It was inspiring to see political leadership and bureaucracy on their toes wanting to do things – I have wanted to witness this for a long time.

A very marked change has happened in the central government as well, and I am sure we will make a difference in the coming years. The main thing this country has been losing out on in the last sixty years is lack of leadership. What we need is not one leader, but layers of leadership; people who are looking beyond their own wellbeing. For those in Andhra Pradesh, you have a unique and historical opportunity to craft a new state. This does not mean cutting geography into pieces, it means the possibility to touch and transform the lives of five crore people. If you are able to touch these lives, you will know a certain fulfillment that most people will not know. If you can do the right things, you can make a big difference.

When it comes to your administration and doing your work, you can get advice and training from so many people. But when it comes to your inner wellbeing, we want to see that we are there to support you in every way to make it happen. The making of a prosperous and above all joyful Andhra Pradesh is a sacred duty for all of us. Let us make it happen.

Love & Blessings