After a brisk travel schedule, the stillness of Samyama is a welcome space. I am at my best only when I am still. There is a saying that man is ill only because he does not know how to be still. I manage the level of chaotic activity on a daily basis only because of the absolute stillness within. There was a time when I could enjoy external stillness also. Many facets of Isha Foundation keep the outside ‘boiling busy’. As I watch the participants in Samyama sort out the bodily struggles in the first three days and become so wonderfully still - the quiet exuberance of being intensively meditative – Oh! How I wish I could participate in the next Samyama. Largely in this Samyama, teachers and volunteers are doing most of what needs to be done. I have moments of being there as a participant rather than the source of all that needs to happen there. What a fortune to have so many wonderful people whose thoughts and actions are not about themselves but the wellbeing of others. It is my dream that the whole world should be inhabited by this kind of people.

In honor of all those who have volunteered their time and life to the making of Isha.

Love & Grace


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