A Woman-Woman

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru writes about the wildness of Linga Bhairavi, and how she is intentionally not aligned with the solar system. “I believe that in the future, Devi will be the first step for many people. They will bask in that wilderness for some time, and then come into the symmetry of Dhyanalinga.” Enjoy!

Namaskaram Sadhguru, Previously, you spoke about the significance of the sandhya kalas and brahma muhurtam, but why does the abhishekam in the Devi temple happen outside of these times?

లింగభైరవి ఓ స్త్రీ – స్త్రీ…!!!!

This is a question that opens up too many things. To put it simply, when we create any form, there is a whole system of mathematics behind it. Dhyanalinga is perfectly aligned with the solar mechanism. That is why we are saying, very confidently, that he will live 5-10,000 years, because he is perfectly aligned to the natural system. But Devi was not made like that; she is a little crazy, a little offbeat. You must understand the meaning of offbeat – that means that whatever is the natural beat, she is off that. She is offbeat intentionally because her work and her energy are different.

The sun is perfectly round every day, but the moon takes on a new phase, so people pay more attention. She is like that too; she is going through her own cycles of two-and-a-half or twenty-seven-and-a-half days. And because her energies are on a shorter cycle, the spin is bigger and she creates a more easily experience-able energy compared to someone who is perfectly round. So, she will not follow the sandhya kalas or brahma muhurtam – no. She is not aligned to the natural forces because a woman wants to be different one way or the other, and she is distinctly different. That is the draw, beauty and possibility because you cannot help paying attention to her. If your life energies get drawn and you touch her, you can be on a very ecstatic, orgasmic ride. If you simply sit with her, she will drive you that way because her energies are mad like that.

She is fierce and totally wild. She is not just a woman - she is a Woman-Woman.

That is why I always fear that she will become more popular than Dhyanalinga, and my fears are manifesting. I see a lot of people wearing Devi pendants, but I don’t see anybody carrying the Dhyanalinga on their head. If she becomes too popular, we may close the Devi temple for three months. But if we close and then reopen, she will become even more popular because once you ban something, everyone wants to see it. So, I do not know how to handle her, but she is doing gloriously well.

Actually, the temple would become phenomenally popular if we kept it open only at night. She needs night -- in the night, she is on. If you enter the Devi temple at night, you will see it is another dimension of life. But we don’t want to take it there because societies everywhere - including India - have become terribly prudish. They are afraid of anything that is fierce and wild. In India, a Devi like this is always depicted riding a tiger to indicate that she is fierce -- more fierce than the tiger. But people think wildlife is no good, they want tame, they want be able to play with the tiger. Our idea of civilization is to make everybody tame. People do not even like somebody who looks wild – like me, with a beard. Everything that can be removed has been removed, not with any purpose or awareness, simply removed.

She is not tame. She is fierce and totally wild. She is not just a woman - she is a Woman-Woman. The reason why we have set up the ashram so far away is that we want a whiff of the wild, not the organization of a city. We have set up some silly fences, but if a herd of elephants want to enter, they can just walk in at any moment. If a tiger, panther or king cobra want to come through, they can just come through. The spiritual process and being on the edge are very directly connected. I believe that in the future, Devi will be the first step for many people. They will bask in that wilderness for some time, and then come into the symmetry of Dhyanalinga. That is how it will become because you cannot ignore that wilderness about her.

Devi Linga Bhairavi is an extension of my Idaa or the left expression of my energy system. The play of Devi has been a phenomenal process and experience for me. May you be touched by her magical ways that are wild and compassionate at once.

Love & Grace


Yantra 2019


Editor's note: The next Yantra Ceremony will be held at Isha Yoga Center on July 31, 2019. You will be initiated into a powerful process and receive the Yantra in Sadhguru's presence. For more details, click here or call 844 844 7708.

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5 years ago

This is my input on your question. "She is against natural ways" is an untrue inference. Devi is most expansive and flourishing when beyond physical dimensions. Purusha means cosmic man and universal consciousness. Maybe Purusha can exist only tuned to a system however micro it may be. Prakriti likes be to with universal consciousness, who does not??? They have physical dimensions to their existence, and emotion, energy and universal nature. Prakriti means means pristine and wild nature. At higher dimensions beyond the physical, Purusha is aligned to a system, Prakriti is beyond system. Uma Shakti is the Mother Godesss of the divine Trimurthi itself. Devi or Shakti is known as Shoonya Vasini, the one who can exist in nothingness if needed, may be as pure energy, before creation itself and after total cosmic annihilation. Shakti is beyond and above the cycles of other divine life. As an analogy, E=MC2 which means only when matter travels at speed of light, only and only then it transforms to pure energy. Devi does not need to be build energy and move at speed of light, she is already pristine and wild energy to begin with, all prevailing, most powerful and free when in nothingness, to begin creation out of nothingness. Pranams.

5 years ago

Woman-Woman; Fierce and wild...Pranam

3 years 4 months ago

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5 years ago

I bow down to The Divine Feminine and My Master Who Has Gifted Her for all of us... Jai Bhairavi Devi!!!

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5 years ago

Devi Linga Bhairavi is offbeat and growing very... popular. Very very... natural, right? Anybody unique and on their own terms naturally attract and undoubtedly demand undivided attention. She's so, my BIG BEAUTIFUL BHAIRAVI BABY... MY DEVI... LOVE YOU, MAA... LOVE YOU SO... MUCH...

5 years ago

This pic of full moon reminded me of the big full moon I saw on my way out of the ashram once. Actually, it was the day following the full moon day; but the moon was complete to my eyes then. The sky was growing dusky, but the BIG moon won't let that easily. The sight of the moon against the horizon brings bliss beyond compare and is a beautiful blessing to one's eyes. Thanks for kindling my sweet memories.

5 years ago

Jai Bhairavi DEvi, GurubhyO Namashri. Pranams

5 years ago

Simply beautiful...

5 years ago

This reminds me of my husband. He keeps on telling, I need to be domesticated, more dependent, calm. I feel guilty about my instability, as if highly inflammable- handle with care kind of situation. I want to be calm. So, regularly practising Shambhavi Mahamudra. Wish to be still, calm from inside. Tired of my wilderness. :'(

5 years ago

My question is about Linga Bhairavi, you said that the Devi is not in tune with the Sun but the Moon. She is against natural ways. Dhyan linga is perfect in tune with nature. And all these years I thought Purush and Prakriti means Shiva and Shakti, and Shakti is Mother Nature. If She is against nature, how can she be Mother Nature?

Kindly clear my confusion.

5 years ago

I have visited Devi temple it was an extraordinary experience for me, during my visit to Ashram, on day one, when i
stepped into Devi temple premises I felt a pleasant energy and sat there till
evening Aarti, and left premise post receiving prasadam, reached Bhiksha Hall
had sumptuous food and went for Volunteer meet at Surya Kunda for next day
Volunteer duties.

The next
day I was supposed to be at Dhyanalinga for the entire day as part of
Volunteering activity, so as soon as the Volunteers meet dispersed, i was in
dormitory bed, preparing to get up early next morning for practices and all day
at Dhyanlinga temple (Volunteering). Next day morning post practices, I decided
to visit Devi temple before reporting to Dhyanlinga Volunteers. I stepped in and
sat close to Devi Idol, eyes closed and completely still in posture, few
minutes passed and i could feel the vibrancy of energy in and around me, the experience was such, as
if I am sitting in front of an energy source and it will blow me away in many scenes, I could very well feel the warmth of a
mother and force of a swift wind at the same time, it was like something is charging
all my energy, at all level. Suddenly the experience grew profound and the energy
and blow became a little wide, pushing and balancing at the same time.

5 years ago

Devi is the Nicki Minaj of Isha Yoga Center