Should I Read Scriptures?

What role do scriptures play for a spiritual seeker? Sadhguru looks at the difference between knowledge and knowing and tells us a story about Krishna and Arjuna to illustrate the point.
Should I Read Scriptures?

What is the role of scriptures for a spiritual seeker?

Sadhguru: There is something called knowledge, which is an accumulated mass of memory, and there is something called knowing, which is sheer perception of life. Knowledge is just your conclusion about life. If you come to a conclusion about life from accumulated knowledge, it becomes prejudiced knowledge. It will not allow you to experience anything afresh. Nothing new will ever happen to you. Knowledge is useful for your survival process but it never liberates you.

With all due respect to the scriptures, it is accumulated knowledge...You are a book written by the creator himself. It is best to read this if you want to know about this life.

Should you not take care of your survival? You definitely should, but when a little worm with a minuscule fraction of the brain you have, can survive pretty well on this planet, should you spend your whole life on survival when you have such a big brain? In the yogic systems, we look at the mind as having sixteen parts. They say just one of these sixteen parts is enough to be super-successful in the material world. The remaining fifteen should be focused on your inner wellbeing because that is a much vaster space than the material world. Even scientists today say that just four percent of the universe is creation, and the rest is dark matter and dark energy. So, four percent of your mind is enough but the ancient yogis were a little more generous. They gave you a little more than six percent to very successfully conduct your material life!

So, with all due respect to the scriptures, it is accumulated knowledge. If it was a book of engineering or literature or history, I would say read it. If it is a book of knowledge of the self, if you are here and alive, it is better to read this book that is yourself than to read some other book. You are a book written by the creator himself. It is best to read this if you want to know about this life. Whatever other books you take, even if they happened to be God’s own words, if it is written in some language obviously it was written by human beings. Human minds are given to enormous distortion. If you see something today with your own eyes and tell your neighbor, he goes and tells someone else. If it goes through twenty-five people in twenty-four hours and comes back to you, can you recognize that story? It is very obvious that human beings are capable of enormous distortion. When something has come down for thousands of years, you can imagine how much could have happened to it on the way.

When the flood has come, what meaning does a tank full of water have? When the creator is throbbing within you every moment, you must look within.

If you want to know yourself, don’t read a book written by someone else. If you read about yourself in a book, you are not real, you are just a story. You need to look within. You must have the necessary instruments to turn around and look at this. I am not trying to trash everything that has ever been written but if you learn to go into the deeper dimensions of who you are, you will see, all scriptures will be stale.

When Krishna was giving the Gita to Arjuna, every time Krishna said something, Arjuna who received the best education in those days because he was a prince, would say, “But no. This scripture says something else.” He was referring to all the books he had read. Krishna laughed and said, “When the light has risen within a human being, all your scriptures are like a tank full of water when the flood has come.”

If you are living in a desert, a tank full of water may feel like an ocean to you. When the flood has come, what meaning does a tank full of water have? When the creator is throbbing within you every moment, you must look within.

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4 years ago

Then, What is the purpose of Mystic's Musings and other???

5 years 11 months ago

So true anna...undoubtedly...:) Namaskaram

4 years ago

This was absolutely amazing and puts some perspective on questions I always have. Thank you Sadhguru!

6 years ago

Beautifully explained which can only be done by our dear Sadhguru! Thank you very much Sadhguru!!

5 years 7 months ago

it is fact ...
One must see himself/herself than material world..

6 years ago

Nicely said by Master in his own style. Knowledge, in this area is not a wealth, certainly a way to build prejudice...

5 years 7 months ago

while reading this page i realized myself and felt relax..
felt happy .

6 years ago

कोटि कोटि नमन सदगुरू ।

5 years ago

This was very timely for me. I have been thinking a lot, and have had some overwhelming dreams of water and being swept away. The sense of flooding and being overwhelmed is understandable, and isn't as scary now.

6 years ago

I felt very overwhelmed reading this...ancient days n that period of nature, that feels great~~
Dhyanalinga temple is a sacred place i have ever visited ~~

5 years ago

Never thought this way, and today I acknowledge the fact that even you haven't read Bhagwat Gita

6 years ago

O yes dear most Sadhguru' when I stare at the empty wall within the membranes of my own brain, I diffuse like a fused light bulb who is nothing more than a small dot in a canvas that within the same domain of awareness is capable of connecting to zillions if not less more light bulbs .... And I sit and cry day & night thinking that someday the genius of the one that operates such a domain will come & reconnect just that tiny dot again to light my stupid bulb of a false "I"

5 years ago

Agree, but the original Vedas are really great, no doubt about that.
Distortions are best avoided.

5 years ago

Totally agree. Once i started venturing into the realms of spirituality, i also stopped reading all such books. Thnx Sadhguru.

6 years ago

Much have I sought in printed books
And too little had I gained
Then You came along
And such a big difference it has made
You taught us to read, eyes closed
The inner book of grace
And now there is no looking back
We are enjoying this divine race !


4 years 10 months ago

Knowledge can neither be sold or bought with money, by any one leave alone Sadhguru but, Satguru without any consideration whatsoever.

6 years ago

Agree with what Sadhguru says but nobody in India ever reads Gita nor do they read any vedas. It seems like total ignorance or may be the fact is we don't have any reading habits.

4 years 2 months ago

When you say don't read any spiritual book, What you mean by that? Which book are you referring to.... Bhagavt Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Vedas, Purana....? How did you gain all this knowledge then without reading all this? I see everyone always agrees with Sadguru by default... Why no body ask questions on this page....?

4 years 2 months ago

Guruji, please shed some insight on Bhakti Yoga compared to Meditation and Jnana Yoga. What kind of goals is achieved by following one or the other ???