Sadhguru's Diwali Message - 2013

On the eve of Diwali, here is Sadhguru's message for the festival of lights.

On the eve of Diwali, here is Sadhguru's message for the festival of lights.

Whatever Path you choose to walk, let me be the light that will light your way. Wayfarer that you are, you must fare well upon the way in Love and Joy - to be kneaded to become fit for the Divine.

May this Deepavali light up your life Within and Without.

Love and Light


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6 years 5 months ago

Thank you very much dear Sadhguru! You are indeed the light in our lives!

6 years 5 months ago

Thank you Sadhguru for the Diwali wishes.

6 years 5 months ago

Thanks Sadhguru . Always am under your blessings

6 years 5 months ago

Way farer that I am of several empty life times
Now no longer an aim less searching wanderer
But under Your compassionate spell and direction
I see the real destination is just around the corner.....

It has been an inner Diwali ever since Isha came into my life......

6 years 4 months ago

Diwali wishes to everyone!! Thank you sadguru

6 years 4 months ago

Thanks Sadhguru for the wonderful message!

6 years 4 months ago

Endless Desire

The chase for the worthless and the mindless hue
The myth that prevails trying to turn my very soul blue!!

The misery that this creates and the sorrow that evades
The pain and the screams of its lifeless parades

Cutting off from this madness, free as the wind
Flowing like a river and as clear as a mud.

Obsessed with this desire that burns like a fire
That will not perish even after I burn in my own pyre.

Bless me thus, so I shall never return
To this toxic Tun and its meaningless mourn

To seek is to return, to let go is to retire
Into the brightness of the eternal, which is just what I aspire…

6 years 4 months ago

Dear most O' luminous self' Sadhguru'
Wayfarer that I am' I am the devil in the dark that wants to shed its dirty clothes wreaking havoc with a body that could be a tool of joy in the love of the divine' compelled to be washed away in the melee of his game, to be torn apart or maimed if that's the name of the game. or turn a witness to the act only a creator enact that we puppets in the humdrum of a false "I" would call divinely sublime ! Happy Diwali to u too o such a magnificent reflector of the truth in light !

6 years 4 months ago

i want to be with the love of god forever.can u make this possible.