Sumo Robots and More – Robotics Workshop at IHS


The students at Isha Home School got an incredible opportunity to attend a workshop on robotics with Dr. Jawa from California State Polytechnic University.

The Robotics workshop went extremely well. The children loved the hands-on nature of the workshop and were very excited from the moment it started till the moment it ended. Dr. Jawa had broken down a fairly complex project into several small tasks which kept the children engaged, learning step by step.

In the morning session, the children were first introduced to the various parts and then learned how to put them together. Then, they assembled a simple robot designed by Dr. Jawa and tested it with some basic onboard programming. In the afternoon session, they all went to the computer lab where they learned how to program their robots using computers. Then they completed several small tasks to give them practice in writing and testing their programs. Finally, the workshop culminated in what was appropriately called the Sumo Robot Challenge where two robots have to try and push each other off the table. Unexpectedly, this event was attended by almost the entire school. Everybody got into the spirit and was enthusiastically cheering all the teams. It made for a very exciting end to a great day of learning many skills.

It was a pleasure meeting and assisting Dr. Jawa. He conducted the workshop in such a way that the kids were engaged and having fun throughout. The children were clearly inspired by Dr. Jawa and are eager for more. We hope he can find time in the future to come back to our school to give more workshops.

To watch the video of the workshop and the Sumo Robot Challenge, please click here.