On 14 December, Sadhguru addressed an august gathering at the 63rd Annual Conference of the Neurological Society of India in Coimbatore. Invited by the Neurological Society of India to deliver a special lecture at the prestigious conference, Sadhguru’s session was a special non-medical plenary session.

Before the conference began, the organizers sent Sadhguru’s special message on the phenomenal nature of the human brain to the delegates:

“The human brain is the most miraculous possibility on the planet. If one can yoke this highly evolved neurological possibility with one's consciousness, grasping the very nature of consciousness becomes a possibility. Yogic sciences have profound methods to transform this magical neurological system towards its ultimate scope of being able to grasp the nature of creation and the source of creation.

The Indian neuroscience community is doing a fantastic job in healing and repairing the neurological problems. This will bear fruit for the country and the world.


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My best wishes and blessings for the success of this conference.”

Addressing the gathering on the subject of “The Blossoming of the Brain,” Sadhguru spoke of the role a healthy neurosystem plays in human wellbeing: “The science of yoga has always placed emphasis on the importance of the spine in human development,” he said. He talked of the need to bring in a certain balance within the human system, especially the neurological system. Drawing parallels between the yogic sciences and the latest advancements in modern science and neurological medicine, Sadhguru said that since all human experience is internal, human wellbeing must be approached as an internal science too.

Sadhguru’s session was very well received by the distinguished gathering as it gave them an entirely different and unique perspective on the role of the neurological system within the human mechanism.

The President of the Neurological Society of India, Dr Vedantam Rajshekhar and Secretary Dr RC Mishra thanked and felicitated Sadhguru on his insightful contributions. Dr Mishra ended the session with a quick question to Sadhguru on the need for detachment and distance in one’s work, in answer to which Sadhguru emphasized the importance of involvement with every aspect of life.

About the Event

The NSI, since its inception, has been involved in organizing seminars and conferences to initiate interaction between practicing neuroscientists and keeping the community up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. NSICON 2014 brought together some of the most eminent neuroscientists, doctors and surgeons from across India and the world.