April 22nd, 2015, will mark the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. Earth Day was created to help preserve and appreciate the Earth’s natural resources, in order to keep them resilient and healthy. There are a lot of things people do on Earth day to celebrate and take care of the planet. They plant trees, volunteer to clean local parks, and campaign for increased environmental protection.

This Earth Day, here’s a simple step you can take to help the planet, by striking a pose!

Plant a Tree Pose

Trees are truly precious resources. In 50 years, one tree recycles more than $37,000 worth of water, provides $31,000 worth of erosion control, $62,000 worth of air pollution control, and produces $37,000 worth of oxygen. Now, you can be a part of a mass effort to plant millions of trees around the world by participating in the Plant a Tree Pose movement.

The mission of Plant a Tree Pose is to raise money and awareness to prevent deforestation and climate change. Award-winning author and endurance athlete Annette Cain is partnering with Project GreenHands (PGH), as well as Trees for the Future and Earth Day Network for this Earth Day movement.


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To support PGH, all you have to do is register online, donate $1 towards GreenHands, and upload a photo of yourself in Vrikshasana, or Tree Pose. You plant a Tree Pose and we’ll plant a tree!

Your photo will be used to create a Towering Tree Photomosaic® by artist Robert Silvers, to be revealed on Earth Day 2015.

About Project GreenHands

Trees are our closest relatives. What trees exhale, we inhale; what we exhale, they inhale. They are half our respiratory system. Spirituality is not about looking up or down; it’s about looking inward. The first fundamental fact you find on looking inward is that you are very much a part of everything around you. Without that realization, there is no spiritual process. ~Sadhguru

Project GreenHands (PGH) is the environmental initiative of Isha Foundation that aims to increase the green cover of the state of Tamil Nadu to 33%, by planting 114 million trees.

Launched on World Environment Day, June 5th 2004, as a grass roots ecological initiative, the project has till date facilitated the planting of more than 20 million saplings in India by involving over 2 million volunteers.

We invite you to join hands with Project GreenHands and the Plant a Tree Pose movement to plant trees, to get involved, and to contribute to a greener tomorrow.