Linga Bhairavi Yantra

Yantra is a form, Mantra is a sound. Modern science states that every form has a corresponding sound and every sound can be represented as a form. The science of using yantra and mantra is called Tantra. Using Tantric sciences, different kinds of yantras are created for different benefits.

Yantra also means a machine. A machine is a combination of purposeful forms which is used to accelerate and ease the human effort. Yantra is a subtle energized form that creates a space and an atmosphere in one’s home in such a way that wellbeing is naturally taken care of.

Such sciences have always been utilized by Realized beings. Their perception and understanding of life was born out of their profound insight and awareness. They engineered and crafted such yantras in a way to make immediate and ultimate wellbeing available to people.

Sadhguru, a Yogi, mystic and a realized being, has created various Linga Bhairavi forms – some using solidified mercury based on the ancient science of rasa-vaidya, as pendants which people can wear around their necks or keep in their cars, as yantras to have in homes and places of work or businesses. This will offer protection from all kinds of negative energies besides enhancing and inviting material prosperity and health.

Sadhguru wrote: "Devi Yantra is designed in a certain way to enhance a certain dimension of your life. It’s a very powerful Yantra in the sense, it creates a space and an atmosphere in one’s home in such a way that well-being is naturally taken care of."

To reap these benefits, please call +91-94890-45131 or email

Receive the yantra during the sacred ceremony on the pournami night of December 28, 2012 in the presence of Sadhguru. You will be initiated into a powerful process while receiving the yantra directly from him.

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