“What is most needed right now is evolving human consciousness. Without that, science, technology, development, everything will go waste.” - Sadhguru

During the initial phase of Sadhguru’s work, his message could only be spread through word-of-mouth from village to village, town to town, travelling on his motorbike or later in a small car. Phone calls were made from public telephone booths, with a handful of coins. Letters, booklets, information leaflets, magazines and brochures were provided to keep the volunteers informed. At first, talks were recorded on a tape recorder, which then evolved to audio CDs to VCDs and DVDs. The technology revolution ushered in the information age, and today it takes only a touch of a button to be with Sadhguru, wherever he may be in the world.

The Forest Flower Magazine is still available in print, just as it was in the 1990s. Sadhguru’s books are still in print and very much in demand. Did you know that you can get the inside scoop on all things Isha in our very own Isha Whispers?  

But in addition to all this, here are five ways to stay in touch with Sadhguru online:


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#1 Sadhguru’s Daily Video Message on Instagram

Apart from Daily Mystic Quotes, heartfelt soundbytes and candid photos, Sadhguru includes a Daily Message via video – a direct message full of wisdom, clarity, and insight. 


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#2 Tweets from Sadhguru

#3 Daily Mystic Quotes and Periodic Newsletters and Magazines

Insightful, provocative and devastatingly logical, each Daily Mystic Quote is a tightly packed wisdom bomb!

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#4 Sadhguru App


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#5 6:20 Presence on Sadhguru App


The Sadhguru App includes a handy “6:20 Presence” feature that plays the Brahmananda Swaroopa chant for seven minutes, followed by three minutes of silence, ending with a gentle chime to indicate that presence time is over.