Full of Spirit - Summer Sathsang with Sadhguru in Delhi


It may have been the hottest few days in Delhi, but this morning blew in the rejuvenating cool breeze that puts a spring back in your step and the life back in your body and soul. That's the way a lot of the Isha meditators in Delhi certainly felt when Sadhguru arrived en route to his next destination and we had the always-wonderful opportunity to gather for a Sathsang with him on 16th April at the Isha Center in Delhi.

The weather responded accordingly and we sat in the beautiful green outdoors of the Center with a fresh breeze swaying the tall trees, plants resplendent in bright summer colors, and purple flowers that reached the sky while the morning birds sang out into the day. Maybe everything is just sharper when Sadhguru is here, and while he lives within us as we do our kriyas and meditations through the year, his presence brings an unspoken clarity and an indescribable joy. And as he started by telling us, this isn't about spirituality the way people perceive spirituality - a mellow end-of-your-life quiet phase, but about being full of spirit - alive, dynamic, responsive, and responsible. He spoke of productive work which creates and contributes, in contrast to the situation in western economies, where you could find two people out of 10 doing productive work - perhaps a reason for the economic recession in a society that consumes more than it creates, he remarked. He opened the floor for questions which led to keen insights that he offers. In response to the validity of live-in relationships vs. marriage, he jestingly returned that he had always thought marriages were live-in relationships! The simplest yet deepest meaning of a relationship - whatever its nature - is being a commitment to the other person, Sadhguru quite easily defined. He further emphasized the strength marriage gives two people, by involving not just the two people but also the families who bind and contribute to successful commitments.

Sadhguru also spoke at length about healing, in reply to a question from a surgeon who wondered whether she interferes with a person's energy when she conducts invasive operations. But it wasn't her kind of healing that concerned Sadhguru, for hers is a medical response to specific problems that need attention, but to the various energy healing practices which have become so popular and are offered by so many practitioners, many of whom have no idea to what extent they may be interfering with the energy of another person.

The fear of losing one's job in this recessionary phase brought up a question about the role of luck and chance and the fear of which way those would swing. Sadhguru dwelled on the undue importance we give to the proactivity of what seems to be a detrimental situation and the time we spend trying to evade it. He compared this to a large tree falling. It falls and whoever stands under it is squashed and dies. Either you are under it or you aren't. You don't wait for it to fall. You just continue to do what it is you are doing - your work.

After Sadhguru left for the airport, we meditators did our Shambhavi practice together. Ramesh, an active volunteer, addressed the numerous group about the development and expansion of the Delhi Isha Center in order for it to become a larger and full-fledged initiative where all could come to attend programs, meditate, rejuvenate, meet, practice, volunteer and also, replicate and offer the Isha Outreach programs for communities in Delhi and neighboring areas. We are fortunate to have this wonderful space donated to the Center and now we need an increasing number of volunteers to come forward and contribute - money, building material, fund-raising, other services and action required - to build the Center and its facilities and operate it successfully. Ramesh shared the names of many meditators who have made more than generous donations towards this vision, and others present were encouraged to join in.

As usual, we shared an abundant breakfast, and left to continue a wonderful day. As many meditators will confirm, a Sathsang with Sadhguru leaves you calmer and more joyous, filled with more spirit - and to paraphrase Sadhguru, if spirituality means "full of spirit" - then, certainly more spiritual.

Anita V., Isha Meditator, Delhi