Fashion For Peace is a first-time fashion initiative whose mission is to promote conscious and sustainable design while simultaneously supporting global artisans/designers and their work.


Four leading-edge fashion designers collaborated in the event: Norma Kamali, Maya Hoffman, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Mimi Prober. Using a selection of rare Indian weaves and fabrics curated by Sadhguru, each designer created exclusive looks to illustrate the exceptional beauty of natural and handmade fabrics. This first-of-its-kind event drew a large attendance to view the work of the designers and to hear Sadhguru explain how as human beings we must transform the way we clothe ourselves – with natural fiber and handmade craft used in our clothing, it impacts and improves the lives of millions while also addressing the toxic pollution caused by the production of and growing dependence on synthetic textiles.

Highlighted as the closing show of Fashion Week, Sadhguru was interviewed by several news and social media outlets beforehand, creating much excitement and anticipation for the event. The attendees and glitterati included everyone from popular social media personalities to runway models to UN ambassadors. Enthusiasm to attend the event was so high that nearly ten times the number of RSVPs were received than expected. Even the freezing temperatures did not stop a crowd from lining up outside to get in.

The UN President of ECOSOC, Inga Rhonda King, introduced Sadhguru to the fashion industry attendees, extolling the large-scale environmental and social welfare projects he has initiated, and emphasizing that the Rally For Rivers campaign was the largest environmental movement in history with 162 million participants. The crowd applauded with enthusiasm and keen interest when Sadhguru took the stage.

Sadhguru spoke about the big picture of our environment, health and overall wellbeing of the planet, pointing out how food, agriculture, housing, economics and now even clothing have become violent. He described in detail the pollution caused by the textile industry, and how the microfibers of synthetic fabrics have made their way into the oceans and waterways, working their way up the food chain and into our bodies.


Beyond the health and environmental issues, he voiced the fragile and endangered situation of the traditional craftspeople and weavers whose skills and knowledge are on the verge of being lost forever. Pulling it all together, he helped the gathering understand how the shift to natural fibers addresses these many issues giving a solution that benefits everyone – from small farmers, to the craftspeople to everyone who will be wearing the clothes in contact with their skin. He encouraged high profile American designers and consumers to lead the world in creating a demand for natural fiber clothing and asked everyone to make a conscious choice to have 50% of their wardrobe be of natural and organic fabric. All were attentive in listening and cheered wildly in appreciation when he finished. Through this Fashion For Peace initiative, Sadhguru has opened another door for everyone to get involved in improving their health, the environment, and the wellbeing of all.


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