Lavenders. Mauves, Whites and Purples in their subtle manifestation of spring blossoms. Tennessee countryside is still waiting with bare branches, yearning for a burst of leaf upon the trees. Here at the Ashram (iii), brisk preparations for the Samyama are on. Much excitement as the last Samyama here was in 2010. North America has been in waiting for eight years. Unfortunately not able to accommodate more than 900 in the Mahima Hall; so many aspiring sadhakas denied the possibility.

May all find fulfillment.

I am going into a second Samyama in less than two months. Samyama takes a huge toll on me. Hope participants have done the needed preparatory sadhana well, as that would take a bit of load off my person. Samyama is not a program but a phenomenon. If only we could have a substantial number of people in this phenomenal state, a totally new possibility could be unleashed. We have to create the possibility that in near future, there will be an opportunity for a larger number of people to know, experience, and attain to this state. Need to shore up my own physical Self to deliver this possibility.


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We had a wonderful Mystic Eye event in Toronto, after two days of United Nations engagement on World Water Day. It is fantastic that we launched “A Decade of Action” for sustainable water resource development on the planet. New York was snowed out for a day, but here in Tennessee, the spring is just under the surface to explode in the next two weeks.

Samyama kicks off on a Full Moon Night.

May all find fulfillment.