How to Live at Ease – Part 2

Sadhguru reminds us to stop living with yesterday.

In this 2-part video, Sadhguru reminds us to stop living with yesterday. Telling us about the trap our memories and impressions of life could become, he asks that we stop crafting our lives around "that which is dead."

Full Transcript:

It once happened, Shankaran Pillai went to New York City, got into a taxi and the taxi driver was driving to a certain destination. Being an Indian who has just landed in America he wants to talk to everybody; after all we are Indians. So taxi driver… he started talking, talking, talking and then taxi driver also opened up. And then, when the destination came nearby, he wanted him to stop. So he put his hand in that small opening and touched him on the shoulder, ‘I want to stop here.’ The taxi driver jumped out of his skin and lost control over the car and went and hit a tree and went up the tree and stopped like this. (Gestures) And Shankaran Pillai had a bleeding nose and he said, ‘What? What did I do? Why did you just jump like this? I just wanted you to stop.’ He said, ‘You don’t understand, last thirty two years I’ve been driving a hearse; (Few laugh) never ever my customers ever (Laughter) did this.’ (Laughs) Oh, that is you know he’s been working for an undertaker. So his customers are always dead and today when the customer touches him on the shoulder, phoo he lost it.

And most human beings are living like this, they are jumpy about everything; they are jumpy about everything because they are living with the dead. If you live with yesterday, you are living with the dead. Please understand, look at this carefully. Everything that you are, your personality is crafted from that which is dead. Your eyes are colored with that which is dead; from happened yesterday you look at everybody. So you are living with the dead and in case something alive happens you will be jumpy, you’ll jump out of your skin. (Laughs) You will see (Laughs) when we initiate people something comes alive little bit, people are jumpy what's happening. You are coming alive (Laughs), you’ve been dead for a long time. This is called raising the dead. (Laughter)

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