Poem: Monsoon

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru returns to the Isha Yoga Center just in time for monsoon. Inspired by the new rains, Sadhguru pens a new poem. "Ah, what a boon/ Parched earth receives/ like a lost lover./ It is never too soon." Photos of the Isha Yoga Center in the rain accompany the poem. Enjoy!


Ah, what a boon

Parched earth receives
like a lost lover.
It is never too soon.

All creatures in a silent
celebration. When it gets
heavy and takes a toll
all bow in respect but never
resist. No one to mourn
those who die of flood
as we have been saved
from the ravage of famine.
The blessed drops descend
to seemingly impregnate
our mother's already seeded womb.

No hormone nor steroid
did inspire such spurt of growth.

Ah monsoon, never too soon

Love & Grace

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7 years ago

Schenken und beschenkt werden gleichen sich so, stimmt´s, dear Suresh... saying Prem with a Poem Sandra

7 years ago

Awesome! i see what you are talking about :) - Now I see :)

7 years ago

Ah! I enjoy the poem and I ENJOYED the monsoon at IYC and it was a wonderful experience amidst the drizzle and whistle.

7 years ago

Simple and profound at once ,, reverberating as you hear the rain fall !!

7 years ago

Beautiful and a timely message

7 years ago

"No one to mourn
those who die of flood
as we have been saved
from the ravage of famine."

I have learnt from Sadhguru to see the bigger picture.

My gratitude Sadhguru!

7 years ago

awesome... no words...

7 years ago

touched by the poem, here from Central Germany impacted by European monsoon a transition of word and vibe into German: Monsoon-Regen_ Ah, was für ein Segen_Rissige Erde empfängt_ verlorener Liebender gleich_ Es regt sich nie _ zu früh_ Alle Geschöpfe in stiller_ Feier. Wird es _ zu schwer und fordert Tribut,_ verneigen sich alle voll Respekt, bar jeden_Widerstands. Keiner der trauert um die, die sterben durch die Flut_ da wir doch gerettet sind_ vor dem Verderben verheerender Hungersnot_ Die gesegneten Tropfen kommen hernieder _ nahezu zu schwängern unserer Mutter bereits besäte Leibeshöhle_ Weder Hormone noch Steroide_ gaben diesen Wachstumsschub_ Ah, Monsoon, strömst nie zu früh_ Love and grace in AUMSpace Sandra Isha volunteer translator

7 years ago

When the falling drop becomes a flood
And when earth yields to the violent flow
Things happen that we all so dread
Man and his ego is laid so low
His roads erased, bridges laid to waste
All in one monsoons thunderous show
And when the rains do gradually abate
In the rainbows we see new promise and hope

Pranams to Sadhguru

7 years ago

I have always been fascinated by the monsoon and this just captures the fascination so beautifully...

7 years ago

schön sanft und wunderbar. monsoon ja, ist ein segen, besonders heute morgen.

danke sandra für dieses gedicht geschenk



7 years ago

Scorching sun or torrential rain, only Sadhguru can bring out the beauty of it. From the falling drop to the flooded drains only His third eye can decipher the mystery and beauty of it.

7 years ago

Back home from thunderstorm and gentle rain, on bike, trains delayed. Whole time this "monsoon, never too soon" on my mind. wrapped in every line of the poem, this one is a translation challenge- it´s so rich and compact and spacious and playful... here my polished and slept over version. Happy solstice day, hey and happy birthday, Dhyanalinga ! May this be my water offering....
Thank you Sadhguru Thank you, Isha Thank you Nature ...
Transitioned into German by Sandra, Isha volunteer, 19-21 June 2013:


Ah, was für ein Segen

Rissige Erde empfängt

Liebenden gleich.

Es ist nie zu früh.

Alle Geschöpfe in

Feier. Wird es

zu schwer und fordert

verneigen sich alle
voll Respekt, bar jeden

Widerstands. Keiner zu

um die, die sterben durch die Flut,

da wir doch gerettet

vor verheerender Hungersnot.

Die gesegneten Tropfen kommen herab

nahezu zu schwängern

unserer Mutter bereits besäte Leibeshöhle.

Weder Hormone noch

gaben diesen

Ah, Regenzeit,
dein Beizeiten ist immer zur rechten Zeit.

Sadhguru, 19.Juni 2013
Übertragen ins Deutsche Sandra, Isha Freiwillige, 19.-21.Juni 2013

7 years ago

While playing with sounds and words and the idea of the monsoon poem, Russian words came to me to a medley-feeling of Vladimir Vyssotsky´s /famous Soviet bard/ style... So, this is not a translation attempt, this is an approximation-exploration, a coming closer, an intercultural dialogue... to that global idea of "monsoon- never too soon":

Время ливня-дождя
Подожди, дождик, сказали?
Ещё не ждали?
Готовы едва ли?
А вот дожди же не зря,
всё же вовремя всегда...

Отзовитесь давайте жить лихо Давайте ИША

Give Isha Project Green Hands...

AUMbrace Sandra

7 years ago

namaskaram schenken ist so schön wie beschenkt werden dera Suresh saying prem with a poem... Sandra