The beginning of this week has gone in mostly meetings, organizing and setting goals for the different wings of Isha. What a wonderful team of people. Their dedication, commitment and the longing to make Isha happen to all is touching, and the level of devotion to the actions without any sense of avarice cannot go without a major impact upon the world at large.

We also had over 2,000 Isha coordinators from across the country and they’re all in roaring spirits, their strength and tenderness can inspire anyone - our endeavor to make ‘one drop spirituality’ available to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion and gender distinctions. This is building into a movement without parallel.

Been in Mumbai for two days. Two sathsangs and a few Devi consecrations. The impact of having Bhairavi in homes is blossoming into something very beautiful. Homes with a strong flavor of divine, it’s a worthwhile place to live in and above all, the children in these families are truly fortunate to breathe and grow in a consecrated space. The true benefit of that will definitely manifest in their lives. The best of human nature can be brought forth when one exists in consecrated spaces.

If the Mumbai volunteers make up their minds, Mumbai can have its own full-fledged Linga Bhairavi Temple with Isha Yoga Center attached. Anyways, they have committed to a 10,000-strong Mega Program of Inner Engineering in December 2011. That can generate an unstoppable momentum for spiritual process in this strange metropolis where everything, including crime, is highly organized, except the administration.

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Been golfing for five days in a row in spite of the busy schedule. Two days in Mumbai, one day at Bangalore and now in Ooty. This is my way of acclimatizing for the Kailash trip in the coming weeks.

I happened to be on a national news channel for a debate and a lady said that she finds it ‘jarring’ that a guru should golf.

May sense prevail upon those who find this gentle game to be ‘jarring’.

Love & Grace