Apart from events with the YPOs of Greece, the three-day visit to this ancient land has been more significant than can be articulated.

The incredible drive to Sounion where the Temple of Poseidon – The God of the Seas – sitting on a ledge overlooking a magnificent translucent Aegean Sea. The brooding rocky mountains of Greece reek of history and ancientness that defies logic but one cannot help a completely spooky sense of the past creeping up the spine.

The visit to Delphi is something that I’ve plotted for over 15 years – off and on. The navel of the earth has been beckoning me for long, but alas it took so long. Delphi’s connections with India and its mysticism are strong and still there among the ruins of quakes and pillage, quite indestructible. The temple dating back to over four millennia established as per the yogic and tantric tradition is just fantastico – see me picking up some Greek. I’ve picked up much more of Greece through their wonderful food. Just a wild thought – why not Isha ‘Europa’ in the mesmerizing Aegean coast…? Do you hear an oracle…?

Oh my, those who book 6am flights, do they ever understand that you may have to leave your bed just after 3am to make it and going to bed before 1:30am is adýnatos (that’s one more piece of Greek for you).

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After a long flight, landing in Atlanta is an experience - passing through a friendly immigration check and claiming my bags, they once again give me a feeling that I am going to board again as you have to check-in your baggage again for security, go through a personal scan or pat down, whichever you prefer and they take away my supposedly very sharp nail clipper so that I don’t hurt myself when in Dear USA. This motherly concern – aah, should I be overwhelmed? I pick a friendly conversation with a staff and ask what is the point of all this. He laughs and says America needs jobs. That lights up my brain and now I have a trillion-dollar idea, let me look for an appropriate podium to vent it.

Tennessee is freezing, well below zero but a big noisy and warm reception was awaiting me, not been here for six months. A two-day Sathsang with ‘Anaadhi’ participants has been eventful though curtailed a lot due to weather. A white carpet of snow upon the mountain and leafless trees waiting for the warmth of the spring leaves me brooding about things like life and its expiry date…How fortunate, though Velliangiri Mountains are referred to as ‘White Mountains’ are always green.

In love till the snows melt.

Love & Grace

Young President’s Organization