T he International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland, is one of the world’s leading business schools in executive education. Sadhguru recently spoke to a full and enthusiastic audience at the IMD on the topic of leadership entitled “From Ambition to Vision.”

Sadhguru explained that ambition is just an exaggeration of the existence and is about wanting to take as much as is necessary to succeed. Vision is being able to see a new possibility; something that is not yet there.
He went on to mention that above all, vision is about making everything yours. Making the world yield to you willingly and trying to take a piece of the world are two different dimensions. One is an aggressive way of taking it and the other is an embrace. As human beings we have become so empowered because of technical advancement that it is extremely important that the way we exist here is in an inclusive way.

If we bring about the necessary shift from economic leaders operating out of narrow personal ambitions to a larger vision, that will be the greatest thing for the future generations of the world. To create this, leaders and managers need to first do something about themselves. Once you are a leader every action impacts millions of people. To have such a privileged position in the world makes it fundamental for managers and leaders to do something about themselves first. To ensure the way they act and think does not destroy the world in so many ways.


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