Pakistani spinner, Danish Kaneria, currently on a pilgrimage in India with his family, learned Nadi Shuddhi - a powerful Isha Upa-Yoga practice.

After the process, he spoke of how he felt a great sense of calm and relaxation. He expressed his eagerness to learn more of the yoga practices included in the Isha Upa-Yoga DVD. He added that Isha Foundation was doing a remarkable job in making these wonderful yoga tools available to so many people in a scientific way. He also thanked Sadhguru and the Isha volunteers for this wonderful offering.

Editor’s Note: Check out the “5-minute Yoga Tools for Transformation” – simple upa-yoga practices for joy, peace, wellbeing, success and more. You can also download the app, or join or host a workshop on International Yoga Day, or train to become a facilitator for the practices.


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