The 42-day Shivanga Sadhana culminated on 11th March, the morning following Mahashivratri, with a trek to the majestic Seventh Hill of the Velliangiri Mountain. 6,000 Shivangas went up the hill, after having been awake for over 24 hours during the Mahashivratri celebrations! The trek started at 6am, with each devotee following his own rhythm. Some made it in three hours, some in five, some made it to 5th hill, and some all the way. Even sadhakas with physical ailments were carried up the sacred mountain by their sheer intensity.

“This process that we have set forth now, that we are referring to as Shivanga –anga means a limb – a limb of Shiva; the journey is from being a part of creation, to being a part of the source of creation or the Creator.” – Sadhguru

Though the trek was physically tiring, the Shivangas were brimming within themselves. Once back in the ashram, Shivangas took a dip in the theerthakund, before regrouping in Adiyogi Alayam at 6:15pm for a concluding Darshan with Sadhguru. Though many tried sharing their experience, most were unable to adequately describe their overwhelming experience – their daily utterance of the chant, the Shiva Namaskar, and above all, bhiksha. Almost everyone spoke of how the process of bhiksha had reshaped them and changed their way of being. It had been a most rewarding sadhana for everyone.

Many of the sadhakas have expressed that they wish to pursue the sadhana further. According to Sadhguru, those with the necessary commitment can continue the sadhana for a further 48 or 90 days. Beyond that, the sadhana should end, for it has a specific time period. Undertaking bhiksha is not necessary during this period, and neither are the sadhakas required to climb to Seventh Hill again. All the other requirements of the sadhana remain the same.

Those who were unable to be present at the Isha Yoga Center on 10th and 11th March, can complete their offerings at the ashram on Ekadashi (23rd March) or Pournami (26th or 27th March).


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