I sha Education is collaborating with the Mahendra Educational Institutions to bring a new dimension into the field of education. The inaugural ceremony was held on 2nd July, 2012 in the presence of Sadhguru and Mr. Srikantan Murthy - Head of Education & Research, Infosys, Mr.Jaiaram - Head of Infrastructure, Oracle, Mr. Gopalakrishnan - Director Administration, Polaris, Mr. Lawrance Mohanraj - Regional manager, Academic initiatives, IBM were the Guests of Honor.

Isha Education and Mahendra Educational Institutions are committed to raising the level of education in Science & Technology and helping disadvantaged children realize their full potential. The mission seeks to ensure quality education for children in rural areas, opening the door for them to participate in and benefit from India’s economic growth.

Featuring technical courses using modern linguistic methods and computer-based education complemented by innovative methods for the overall development and blossoming of each student, Isha
and Mahendra Educational Institutions empower rural children to meet future challenges.


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Excerpt from Sadhguru’s address at the inaugural ceremony:

"We are getting involved with higher education – the human atmosphere and the ambience that we set in an institution is most important. Buildings are little important but the human atmosphere that we set is most important and that has been established here and that’s fantastic. That is a fundamental requirement for education to happen in a beautiful manner. Why I am saying this to you is, education is not about just finding a job; it's about enhancing yourself. It's about making yourself more than what you are right now."

Now Isha’s involvement with Mahendra is going to be much more than what people may be thinking in terms of just bringing industry partnerships or something like that. Across the spectrum I speak to all kinds of people and I always found of all the places on the planet, the level of intellect in this country is of the highest quality. But in terms of exposure, in terms of training, in terms of organization, we are a disaster. This disaster we can change because we have the fundamentals. The necessary fundamentals are there, we just have to build a few things which will build great human beings. It is great human beings who make great nations.

In many ways this is a step that we want to take and we ask for the cooperation of all the students, staff and faculty here because we don’t want to just give out engineering certificates. We want to produce truly wonderful engineers. A great engineer will not come just because of academic excellence, it takes human excellence also. Within you, who you are as a human being does most of it. What you have is one thing, how well you can use it is another thing. How well you can use it essentially depends on how you are – physically, mentally, emotionally within yourself. How you are makes you far more competent than knowing a million things. How effectively you can use whatever you’ve been trained for essentially depends on the inner balance and other dimensions of life.

You shouldn’t think of job and livelihood, that will anyway happen. As a young person right now, you must think of what you want to create, not how much money you can get. So it is about enhancing yourself, not about livelihood. That time has passed for us as a generation of people. The previous generation had to be constantly worried about livelihood. Not any more, there are a million possibilities in the world. The national borders are no more a boundary, one can go wherever he has to go and capability is always valued across the planet; there’s no question about that.