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Profoundly alone

Blessed with keenness
of attention, life happened
in abundance. Smallest happenings
were immense, as after all
an Atom could be a Cosmos. All
a game of perception. As my
many lives unfolded, life
pitched up to be a torrent.
Rich and Vivid but no Small
or Big. All was thrown at me.
Flowers and Filth. Offered
sweetest of Love and Devotion
and vilest of treachery and abuse.
Regarded by the Reputed and
Rubbished by the Rascals. All
that can be and cannot be
has been mine but untouched am I.

Alone, as even Shiva has abandoned
me from being a companion
As even He has become One with
Me to leave me Profoundly Alone.

Love & Grace