Venomous Intent

O’ Serpent king
You took my life when needed
But your venom brought me back
To life in a way, few would know
Whenever you appear my life turns a page
Now what do you have for me
That you have come
And it is time for the winds of change
I can still feel the venom
In my blood
Will I succeed in sieving
The chaff from the grain
The mortal from the Immortal


My life has always been arranging itself into 12 year cycles, and at the beginning of a new cycle, there is always the presence of the cobra in various forms. Many times this has happened, and in such strange ways that there is no way to logically articulate the significance of its presence as a mere coincidence. It is quite beyond logical articulation; it falls perfectly into place in the overall scheme of life.

Many a time, I have made an error of judgement through seemingly perfect logic. But always, such erroneous actions are scuttled by him, and he invariably puts me back on track. The advantage of having him as my partner, and above all, the freedom to be at reckless ease, is only because of the assurance that his presence are the rails upon which my life run. Cannot go wrong or fail, you see. Life or death I shall gracefully accept, as it is only his will.

The ashram exploded on 3rd Sept with a few thousand people who had come from all over. Their eagerness and love are absolutely overwhelming. Next to Shiva’s grace, this is the greatest blessing in my life – the outpouring of love from people.

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Now in Japan for the India-Japan Global Partnership Summit. A wonderful event full of possibilities for both nations, but can be particularly so for India. The Japanese participation was at its highest level with their Prime Minister and four former Prime Ministers participating. Cannot say the same for the Indian leadership, though a few Indian states did well to pitch for tremendous cooperation and lucrative collaborations. There was almost negligible participation from the southern states.

This summit is a significant event that can bring about a great change in the way India does business. There are a few ambitious and game changing proposals. If the needed political will and deft handling happens, Indian people could benefit greatly.

The relationship between the people of India and Japan is not limited to mere trade and commerce. I can proudly say that the earliest Indian export to Japan was Buddha’s teachings, which are still much valued. Kalari, the mother of all martial arts, has had an enduring presence in Japan through its various manifestations.

The very gentle people of Japan could be the best partners for India, not to mention the technological benefits and the work culture of absolute devotion that they have to offer. The tremendous calamity that this nation faced in the recent past, and the courage, resilience and dignity with which they handled that situation, is commendable. It could have shaken any nation to its core. The stoic silence that you feel in the presence of Japanese people speaks of a very different kind of strength. May the people of India and Japan mingle in ways that are beneficial to both the nations. I finish, can feel a mild tremor of earth quaking. That is Japan for you.

Love & Grace