O n January 4th thousands of students and faculty of SRM college in Chennai came together to participate in a talk given by Sadhguru. Considered one of the top Engineering schools of Asia, SRM College attracts youth from all over the sub-continent. On this occasion, the students, as well as faculty, were exposed to a different kind of engineering possibility, Inner Engineering, technologies for well-being. The students' attention was first caught by Sounds of Isha, as they filled the auditorium with lively music before Sadhguru was to arrive. The music was welcomed with cheers, whistles and claps of enthusiasm from the young crowd. Following the musical rendition, the audience became quiet and attentive as a short video was played about Isha Foundation and its activities.

Sadhguru was welcomed as he came onto the dais, and a facilitating faculty member would share his experience at Isha Yoga Center and begin the interactive session. The question and answer session that soon followed would reveal glimpses of inner seeking of both students and faculty, as questions were raised concerning the existence of god, purpose of life and the significance of ones social, religious and personal responsibility in the world. Sadhguru questioned their questions and gave participants the opportunity to look deeper. When one faculty member asked Sadhguru:


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Question: ‘Where is the mind?’

Sadhguru replied

“When you say ‘mind’ I believe you're referring to intelligence. If you’re talking about the thought process, that essentially happens in the neurons in your brain, which we know. But if you're talking about mind as an intelligence, it is just all over in this body and everywhere in the existence. The very earth that you walk upon is tremendously intelligent.” 

As Sadhguru was thanking the audience and beginning to gesture his exit, the students questions continued to spill forth, causing the session to prolong a bit, and finally ending with a standing ovation.