Linga Bhairavi - The Ultimate Giver

Experience the blessings of Linga Bhairavi in your home through the Linga Bhairavi Yantras and Gudis.

Linga Bhairavi is unique in her manifestation in the form of a linga. The eight feet tall Devi was consecrated by Sadhguru as a powerful energy form with a solidified mercury core through prana pratishtha. This is a rare mystical process that uses life energies to transform mere stone into a deity.

Representing the creative and nurturing aspects of the universe, Devi is the ultimate manifestation of the Mother Goddess. She is powerful and all-encompassing.

Whether you seek to acquire, enjoy, or transcend the physical and material aspects of life – be it power and strength; wealth, riches, passion, and intensity; or knowledge, knowing and transcendence – the Devi is the Ultimate Giver of all that and much more.

The numerous scientifically structured processes like Kleshna Nasha Kriya, Sarpa Seva and Karna Veda to name a few are set up to help the individual for material and worldly benefits.

You can receive the Yantra during the Yantra Ceremony - a powerful initiation conducted by Sadhguru. This will connect you with the energies of Linga Bhairavi Devi.

Sadhguru wrote:

"One who earns the Grace of Bhairavi neither has to live in concern or fear of life or death, of poverty, or failure. All that a human being considers as wellbeing will be his if only he earns the Grace of Bhairavi."

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Yantra 2019


Editor's note: The next Yantra Ceremony will be held at Isha Yoga Center on July 31, 2019. You will be initiated into a powerful process and receive the Yantra in Sadhguru's presence. For more details, click here or call 844 844 7708.