How can you know the boundless nature of what you are? Nice logic and petty emotions won't do! You must move from a limited to an unlimited state of ignorance – utter ignorance!

Full Transcript:

To progress in one’s path simply means that you have an expanded sense of ignorance. Once it happened, a man was trying to carry a grandfather clock, from a truck, to his house, on his back, a huge one. A drunk came by and said, ‘Hey mister, you just take my advise, get yourself a wristwatch.’ If all you are looking for is dividing the day into 24 hours, all you need is a wristwatch; but if that doesn’t hold much meaning to you… if that process of dividing life into proper compartments and living doesn’t mean much to you anymore, you want to know the timelessness of life, the boundless nature of what this is, then you need to be little bit set on fire. Simply, very nice logic or petty emotions won’t do it. They are nice, they organize your life, they make your life clean, and acceptable, but it doesn’t magnify the possibility of moving from a limited state of ignorance to an unlimited state of ignorance.

Today modern scientists are coming to this point, all these years they believed someday we will know what is the nature of the existence. Today lot of top level physicist are coming to this point where they are beginning to talk in terms of we will never know, we will just go on expanding the borders of our ignorance but we will never know. This is what mysticism meant. This is what a mystic means, an utterly ignorant person. Everybody else is little bit ignorant, little bit knowledgeable, they know some things they don’t know some things. Someone who doesn’t know anything, anything at all, who is not burdened by knowledge, because knowledge is an accumulation. Someone who is simply not burdened by any kind of accumulation, he is a mystic, because he’s chosen to be utterly, absolutely ignorant, not in parts.

So better to move from…moving from a wristwatch to a grandfather clock is not a comfortable thing, not at all comfortable. If you are carrying a grandfather clock on your back, it may have great valve, but you can’t even look at the time, you have to ask somebody, ‘please look at the time and tell me, what’s the time?’ Aren’t you slowly becoming like this these days? How am I? I hear lot of people coming up to me and ask me, ‘Sadhguru, how am I?’ It’s alright, sensible people ask, ‘How are you?’ Those who are becoming, slowly moving towards larger dimensions of ignorance are beginning to ask, ‘Sadhguru, how am I?’