My Day is Taken

My day does not belong

to Me. Today is My day

but does not belong to Me.

Yesterday, Today and the

Next day do not belong to Me.

Yes My day is taken to

unveil the most obvious,

as most are oblivious of


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the Beautiful nature of

Being Human. The

boundaries of the Body have brought

bondage to the Being.

Knowing the Being that

we are, is all there is to see.

Yes My day is taken.

For almost thirty-five years now, I’ve been constantly on the road. I’ve been planning to cut down on my travels, but with every event, we are raising people’s expectations in such a way that it looks you all will make me work myself to death. I’m not complaining. Participants are leaving our events and programs hugely impressed by the entire experience – to a large extent because of our volunteers. Everywhere I go, people are telling me that our volunteers are fantastic.

As creation made you, you are a complete life. You do not need any accessories to be complete.

Those of you, especially the young people, who are still unencumbered and unentangled, I want you to look at how you want to live your lives. Is all you want to do just eat, sleep, reproduce, and die one day? Or do you want to create something bigger than yourself? Do you want to stand up for something that is way bigger than anything you ever imagined? The phenomenon of life at its highest level does not yield to you unless you put your full attention to it. This is what I want you to understand. Gathering things and people around you does not change the quality of your life. As creation made you, you are a complete life. You do not need any accessories to be complete. It is only because of a false sense of inadequacy, which is purely psychological, that you think you need something or someone to make your life complete. Do you want to shop for things and overload yourself with information on a daily basis? Or do you want to know the ease of living without the need to become something.

Human intellect is blossoming like never before. Never before could so many people on the planet think for themselves. In the next couple of decades, you will see a huge shift. Whatever rubbish that people were made to believe for a long time will not sell anymore. Now is the time to offer the spiritual process to humanity on a large scale. Otherwise, once religious beliefs and promises of heaven disappear, drink and drugs will take over. Either the entire world turns into drunkards and drug addicts, or we make them into meditative, wonderful human beings. This is the responsibility that we have. All of you, who feel that way, must stand up and make something happen.

What people really suffer is that their consciousness, which should be limitless, is constrained.

We need people who deliver sense to the world. Don’t even call it spirituality – just a profound sense of life. You have the choice. Do you want to just make a living or make a life? Making a living is not a big deal. Every other creature is doing quite okay with that, and there seems to be some ease and joy about them. You don’t see that in most human beings, simply because an intelligence and a consciousness that should be universal in nature, is constrained right now. What people suffer are not the external situations in their lives, though they may think so. Whatever the outer circumstances – rich or poor, educated or uneducated, married or unmarried – either way, people suffer. This is not because there is something wrong with their lives. What people really suffer is that their consciousness, which should be limitless, is constrained.

It’s my wish and my blessing that you should not fall into this rut. Once you have experienced something beyond yourself, establish it for yourself and make it happen for as many people as possible, in whatever capacity you can. Your life becomes spectacular not by what you gather and possess but by the profoundness of experience. In offering this to all is the fulfillment of action.

Love & Grace