On Fire in the Cold

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru writes about his recent three-day “Lap of the Master” Sathsang at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in the US. His poem “Seasons of Slumber” paints a poetic image of nature there in this season.
Sadhguru at the Lap of the Master Satsang, iii, USA

చలిలో కూడా ఉరికే ఉత్సాహం!

Here at the iii (Isha Institute of Inner-sciences); the night temperatures dropping below -10° C. The bareness of winter contrasted hugely with the enthusiasm and energy of our volunteers, who assembled here for a three-day Sathsang – over 1100 of them. The blessedness of Isha is we are always among highly inspired and alive people. Low enthusiasm is one atmosphere that I can’t be in, but our volunteers always create a “full on fire” situation. Lack of fire of life is slow suicide. I am always for speed and efficiency on all fronts of life.

Lack of fire of life is slow suicide.

From the torrent of travel and activity of the past two weeks, including a weeklong tour of Andhra Pradesh, two days at Isha Yoga Center, and two at Mumbai, here at the iii, life flows at a saner pace for me. I even get to just sit and gaze at the magnificent view of the bluff and faraway hills – luxuries long taken away by incessant work. With a little space between breaths, I even contemplate some poetic aspirations. Just one more day and again travelling.

These last few days, in the Lap of the Master event, people have been absolutely wonderful. And above all, many are becoming genuine seekers of great competence and intensity. It is time I spent some time out here with them. Though in America people have no cultural background of seeking, they are shaping up wonderfully well, with great possibilities.

In 2016, the focus for Isha is going to be significantly towards America.

In 2016, the focus for Isha is going to be significantly towards America – with the first book that is made for America coming out in September, a host of other events, and above all with the Abode of Adiyogi beginning to have its impact on people from across North America.

Now you will have to suffer a bit of my poetic endeavor – I am at iii.

Seasons of Slumber

Though the flowerless winter
makes the Sun sad, denied
of colourful reception. Still
chooses to shine bright as
he knows that he is the source
of the leaf and the flower.
Colour and colourlessness are
just features of the passing season
like the sweetness of life is devoid of reason.
Bare and cold only lie in preparation
for the bright and warm spring.
As leaf and flower shall spring
back from their seasonal slumber,
One who shines through the winter
shall for sure find flower and fruit.

The very bareness shall blossom.
Succumb not to seasons of slumber.

Love & Blessings


In this video clip from the recent Lap of the Master Sathsang at the iii, Sadhguru shares his extraordinary view on why historical figures like Rama, Krishna, or Jesus should be an inspiration for us all, even today.
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4 years 6 months ago

Pranams Sadhguru self start or push start ?

4 years 6 months ago

Dear Sadhguru, heartfelt thank you for sharing the "fire in the cold" so much needed and for your soulful poetic gift to all of us who are longing to hear every note of your poetic Self ...it is as much precious to us as your wisdom and guidance as Guru.

Hope that the tranquility and peace of iii will bring you here more often so you may pause for a moment like that. It is such poetic side of you as much as your presence and the presence of AdiYogi in Abode is drawing us every time back to this consecrated place and may iii become a "meeting point" for so many more seekers at the beginning of the path in the West.

Thank you for being You Who You Are.

4 years 6 months ago

Reading the pearls of wisdom on the isha blog is wonderful. Sadhguru's pragmatic and graceful approach is quite unique. Each time I read, or listen to his videos, space opens up within and by his laser light focus on subjects clarity always follows.

I am very excited for when Sadhguru comes to New York. It is the winter here and this article resonated with me.

Thank You.