Making Waves for Rivers

As the Rally enters its final leg at full throttle, Sadhguru sends us a quick note. Check out the many faces of the Rally for Rivers in our gallery, filled with a plethora of photos, videos, and media coverage of the Rally and its supporters (links below).

Over 7000 km, more than 120 events, nearly 90 interviews and press meets. On the road from Lucknow to Jaipur. Bracing up for a very brisk last phase of Rally for Rivers. Believe me, the real work is only going to begin now.



Check out our extensive gallery of big and small events, media coverage, heartfelt appeals by prominent supporters, and the phenomenal public support for the Rally for Rivers:

Glimpses of the Rally

Glimpses of the Rally – Videos
Glimpses of the Rally – Photos

In the News – Videos

In the News – Videos

In the News – Articles

In the News – Articles

Look Who’s Supporting

Look Who’s Supporting – Videos
Look Who’s Supporting – Photos

Popular Support

Popular Support – Videos
Popular Support – Photos