On flight to Mauritius after a brisk week at London and Geneva. This trip was almost jeopardy as a day before starting from the ashram, got hit by a severe strain of gastroenteritis that kind of cleaned me through and through and drained. Had to travel with an IV port to Mumbai engagements en route to London. Must have picked it up on my previous days hectic drive to Karaikal and back.

Isha UK is gearing up, the events are larger than ever and very well received. An outing with the Everton Football Club was refreshing, the game and the atmosphere around the game excites me still. After the session with Everton boys, they went out and won a big game against Tottenham. Could not be at the game due to other engagements though.

Conversations with Rodney Marsh - not the cricketing legend but a famous footballer of the yore. He played along with George Best during his time - was worth the time and fun. It was also special for having an audience of footballing fraternity and their families.


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London days packed with dinner talks, meetings, sathsangs and LBS (London Business School) events. As we are getting into education big time, our focus in engaging premiere educational institutions of the world has become important. Hence in this trip covered LBS and IMD (Lausanne), the two prominent business education stalwarts. Business schools are opening up to the spiritual possibility, so it could be instead of Business as Usual, Business Sublime. Excellent response from both institutions and we are working towards more enduring relationships and partnerships.

A day at Geneve kept me busy but fruitful. Meeting up with many old friends and associates.

This trip could have very far reaching effects upon Isha in the future if we nurture the possibilities that have gravitated in our favour.

Bright sunny day in Geneve, staying at the banks of Lake Geneve. Many more nations need to be crafted like Switzerland, inlands of peace and order. Of course each will happen in its own unique flavour. The safety that women and children enjoy is something that the whole world should have. But I hear suicide rate is rather high - the price of order? Human condition can never be completely fixed with external efforts, but if external is fixed there could be time and room for inner work.

Ummmm going to an island for three days but packed with events and engagements to do justice to the beautiful island of Mauritius. I will for sure squeeze in a golf game or two.

Love & Grace