Dhyanalinga Quotes by Sadhguru

The Dhyanalinga is the highest possible manifestation of the divine. Here are 5 quotes from Sadhguru about this phenomenal possibility.
Dhyanalinga Quotes by Sadhguru

June 24 at the Isha Yoga Center will witness the 20th anniversary of the Dhyanalinga Consecration. Join us for the live web streaming of the chants that will be offered to Dhyanalinga starting from 6 AM IST.

The best way to approach Dhyanalinga is with a sense of offering. This is not about offering something in return for something else, but making yourself into an offering. In offering yourself to the Divine, you become the Divine.


Dhyanalinga - the highest possible manifestation of the Divine


The Dhyanalinga embodies all the exuberance of life, and yet it is Beyond that.


Anyone who comes into the sphere of the Dhyanalinga cannot escape the sowing of the spiritual seed of liberation.


The basic nature of Dhyanalinga is primordial, formless, divine energy. In its outer expression, the Dhyanalinga manifests the exuberance of life in all its facets through the seven chakras.


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