Join us on 24 June for the twenty second anniversary of the Dhyanalinga consecration, which will be audio streamed live. As a precursor to the event, in today’s post Sadhguru explains the science of Dhyanalinga and how it is a powerful possibility for one’s spiritual growth.

Sadhguru: Every form and shape has its own vibrance and quality about it. Certain forms have been identified as ideal receptacles of energy. An ellipsoid is one form that can become a perennial storehouse of energy. Fundamentally, the ellipsoid is the first form that manifested itself. From unmanifest to manifest, when this transition happened, the first form that the unmanifest takes is the ellipsoid. If you look at the core of any galaxy, you will see it is always an ellipsoid because that is the first form that it takes. Through our experience, we know that when one reaches the height of meditativeness, when one comes to a point of dissolution, once again our energies take the form of an ellipsoid.

So, the ellipsoid is seen as a gateway to the beyond – from both ends –the beginning and the end. Based on this is the science of consecrating lingas. The science of making and energizing lingas has existed for thousands of years. A certain mastery has been attained about this science in the Eastern cultures and the linga is just a manifestation of that. This ellipsoid or linga can be energized in various ways to bring different types of wellbeing to humanity.


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Only a physical body is absent, but as an energy body and in all other ways, it is like a living Guru.

A significant aspect of the Dhyanalinga is that it is not made for worship. It is a meditative force. There is no worship, no ritual and no offerings for the Dhyanalinga. It is maintained in total silence. By simply sitting silently for a few minutes within its sphere, one can experience and imbibe the energies there.

Dhyanalinga is like a living Guru. It is a live form. Only a physical body is absent, but as an energy body and in all other ways, it is like a living Guru. For a spiritual seeker to be able to do his sadhana or inner work in the presence of a Guru or a living Master is a tremendous opportunity.

The role of a Guru in a spiritual seeker’s life is not just about giving teachings and guidance. The most fundamental reason why a spiritual seeker seeks a Guru is because a Guru can ignite his energies into a different dimension. Otherwise, all spirituality will just be verbology. You go to a Guru not because you need teachings and guidance. All those things can be had from books. You go to a Guru because he can ignite you in a way that no book or no teaching can do. It is a live subjective process. That aspect of a Guru’s role is very well fulfilled by Dhyanalinga. Dhyanalinga can ignite one’s energies into a completely new dimension of vibrance and possibility. That is the most fundamental aspect of a spiritual dimension.

Dhyanalinga is a tremendous possibility for the world. As you see today, worldwide, there is a spiritual longing in people like never before. As the spiritual longing and thirst arises in human beings, wherever they may be, irrespective of time and space, the energies of Dhyanalinga will become available to them as a spiritual ignition, as a spiritual guidance and a spiritual force which will lead them on. If a longing to know, a longing to grow, a longing to go beyond his present limitations arises within a human being, the energies of Dhyanalinga will naturally reach.

Editor's Note: The Dhyanalinga consecration celebrations will be celebrated with multi-religious chants at the Dhyanalinga. The offerings will include Sanskrit and Tamil chants, Muslim and Sufi chants, Christian songs, Gurubani and Buddhist chants sung by people from Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Buddhist communities.