Last week, Sadhguru was part of a popular TV show on NDTV, called "We The People" where the topic of discussion was: " Has spirituality turned into a profit industry?" A question you may or may not have asked yourself, but a valid question nonetheless. A variety of people and opinions, all very interesting, and Sadhguru eloquently responding to every probing question with depth tempered in humor and a refreshing practicality.

The show opened with mention of recent news, and revolved around the idea that since India is a country soaked in faith, culture and religion, the lines between all three are often blurred. But when it comes to godmen, are they also simultaneously businessmen? And is spirituality is turning into a profit industry?

Some of Sadhguru's words: "If you want to understand spirituality as a certain disability, it is up to you. For me, spirituality is a tremendous empowerment, which every human being needs to have. People say, "Oh he drives his own car, what kind of a Guru is he? " Now I'm asking, if I don’t know how to drive, will I become a better Guru?"

The show's host later said so it looks like there are two sides, the Spartans and the one who embrace life. A member of the guest speakers replied to this saying that what matters is not what side you are on. What matters is your integrity.

About a question on devotion and devotees, Sadhguru replied: "A devotee works with a different kind of logic which may not make sense to somebody who claims he is a rationalist. Your rationality can function on many different levels. A devotee is a very refined rationale. .."


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