No Corona Cases At Isha Yoga Center

There are no positive cases of Coronavirus reported at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore.
Isha Blog Article | No Corona cases at Isha Yoga Center

The Yoga Center which receives several international visitors moved swiftly to put directives in place even before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic and much before the central and state governments announced lockdowns and imposed travel bans. Isha requested visitors from China, Japan, Singapore and other COVID-19 affected countries, not to travel to the Yoga Center as a precautionary measure both for travellers as well as the larger community. Even people who had been to the COVID-19 affected countries including transits and airport layovers, were requested not to visit the Yoga Center.



Isha has been following mandatory screening and physical distancing protocols ever since. Other foreign nationals who visited the Center were requested to observe a mandatory 28-day quarantine period.

Residents and volunteers who are used to Isha’s rigorous adherence to health and hygiene protocols even in normal times, are now undergoing mandatory screening every two days. The protocols also apply to security, housekeeping and other ground staff who reside at the Yoga Center. Hand sanitizers have been made available at several locations on the premises.

State health officials who have been visiting the Yoga Center to conduct screenings and checks since February have found no COVID-19 positive cases.

Recently, Isha offered its premises to the state government to help contain the spread, should the outbreak accelerate. The Yoga Center is not only well equipped to comply with all screening protocols but has had a head start in establishing physical distancing and quarantine rules.

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