S adhguru will speak at the annual Yoga Festival in Berlin today - June 25.

One volunteer shares:  Early morning on the way to the festival, it was a real pleasure to see in the distance fellow Isha volunteers. Happy to meet again with so much to talk about and things to organise, really looking forward to the day.

The mission: set up an information stall at the Berlin Yoga Festival, one of the most renown yoga festivals in Europe. Arriving at the Festival grounds, we had to decide whether to go for an outdoor or an indoor stall. The weather being quite changing, we settled for a nice space within the main festival house. Wise decision! An hour later, a short but heavy storm hit the grounds showering everyone.

We started setting up the stall, decorating, counting out books as more and more Isha volunteers were arriving: known faces and new faces - a real treat from many different countries. It was clear the Isha crew was going to be the liveliest and most crowded stall in the whole festival!

There are vegetarian food stalls, handcraft, paintings, yantras, massage, the whole place is coming alive. Workshops, dances and concerts started with different guests from both India and Europe and little crowds are forming around the different stages. Talking to the people passing by our stall, we’re seeing a lot of curiosity. We can’t wait to welcome Sadhguru and see him taking the crowd by a storm… probably starting with a Shankaran Pillai joke!


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