The Detroit Inner Engineering with Sadhguru took place over the weekend, and it's officially the largest Inner Engineering in the US so far! Participants of the Detroit program began trickling in to Cobo Hall hours before the scheduled start time, curious about what was in store, excited to see Sadhguru for the first time, and eager for the evening to begin. Many took a moment to mingle with friends and volunteers in the reception area, bustling with the energy of over 1000 people arriving and checking in. Others entered the hall and found a space to sit quietly, enjoy live music from Sounds of Isha, and await Sadhguru's appearance.

Finally, the moment arrived as Sadhguru entered the hall and began with an invocation in order to put the participants "into the proper zone." He explained, "To do different things, you need to be in different zones. For meditation, you need to be in a different way within yourself."

Participants from across the country and all over the world introduced themselves and expressed their reasons for joining the program – at family's urging, after discovering Sadhguru in magazines or the internet, looking for increased health and happiness, or simply searching for something more in their lives. Many expressed that they felt drawn to be at the program and were eager to see what it would offer them.

Why we engineer is because we want to have it the way we want it. Something that is well-engineered means we have it the way we want it.


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