L ast month Sheyna Baig, a Delhi-based artist and meditator came to the Home School to do an art installation at the Gnana Shala. The entrance to the senior school building needed something to welcome visitors other than the bare, whitewashed wall. So students and teachers thought, what better adornment than an imprint of Sadhguru’s feet? They decided to create an enlarged outline of Sadhguru’s feet on the wall, to greet anyone entering the building.

Rather than just make a painting or colorful collage, Sheyna came up with an innovative plan to make a mold of the feet, which would allow her to bring many design elements together in a three-dimensional wall mural. First, the top few inches of paint and concrete were removed within the outline of the feet, revealing the brick wall beneath. Even Sadhguru came by one day to check how things were going!

The next phase of the project involved bringing Sheyna’s insightful design to life. The different segments of the wall mural were brought together to be assembled at the Gnana Shala. Looking closer, you could see the overall motif start to emerge – a sun and moon, shining down on both humans and animals involved in different kinds of activities, all flanked by ascending snakes on either side. The individual portions were cemented into place, after which it took a few days to dry. Finally, Sheyna took to the task of painting the whole piece, the varying shades accentuating the individual characters that are shown throughout.

The finished work was stunning to look at and we got many compliments from parents who came to visit the following week. It was the talk of the school for the rest of the month. Everyone agreed that we couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to Gnana Shala!

We’d like to thank Sheyna for her time and effort in creating a work of art that people will enjoy here for many generations to come!

- Isha Home School


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