Alai: Wave of Bliss is a collection of Tamil songs by Sounds of Isha, released during the Mahashivratri celebrations this year. The music is available for download online, on a ‘name-your-price’ basis. Please visit for more information.

So far, the album has been received very well and we have been getting requests to provide the song lyrics along with their translation. So Sounds of Isha have decided to do just that on the blog!

Last week's song was 'Oru Anniyar.' This week’s song is: Something Something

"The longing of a devotee is just to dissolve into the object of devotion." – Sadhguru

The longing of every flower is its fruition, and the expression of that longing is the beauty and fragrance that it exudes. All that the flower needs is nurturing – by the bees, by the soil, by nature that embraces it.

For one who has experienced the grace of his guru, what is money, what is wealth? The guru’s love and care obliterates the need for anything else and leaves just a sweet longing inside, called devotion. Oh! The sweetness of devotion…

This song is an expression of devotion towards the guru. Sounds of Isha is neither a professional music group nor is it comprised of people with any professional poetic flair, but we are willing to attempt both. For this song, we were happy with the lyrics for the most part and we began setting it to music. However, the last portion of the song still eluded us – just two words. So, we decided to sing it out to get the feel and when that portion came, we just had to fit in something in that place – literally – so we sang it as, “Something something kandaen.” Thus the name of the song was born.

Something Something

Tamil Lyrics


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Iyaṟkai eṉṉum iṟaivaṉ kaṇdaeṉ
Aṉbil uyirai kaṇdaeṉ

Uṉṉai uṇarndaeṉ eṉṉai maṟanntaeṉ
Uṉṉil eṉṉai kaṇdaeṉ

Poruḷ teda muyala villai
Selvam serkka aasai illai

Aruḷ tedi uṉ padam patṟa
Megam teḷintha vaaṉam pola
Eṉṉuḷ viṭiyal kaṇdaeṉ

Aruḷ mazhaiyum pozhiya kaṇdaeṉ
Kallum kasindhu uruga kaṇdaeṉ
Neela vaaṉil vidiyal pola
Enthaṉ uḷḷam oḷira kaṇdaeṉ

Karai sera aasai koṇdaeṉ
Paṇintu viṭṭaeṉ karainthu viṭṭaeṉ
Uṉṉil kalantu viṭṭaeṉ

English Translation

I saw God in Nature
I saw life in love

I experienced you; forgot myself
I saw myself in you

I didn’t search for money
I don’t long for wealth

As I reached your feet longing for grace
The clouds cleared and
I experienced the awakening in me

The grace rained on me
I saw the melting of the stone in me
Like the dawn breaking the dark sky
I saw my heart brightening up

I wanted to reach the shore
I have bowed down, I have dropped myself
I have merged in you