Addressing a group of students and faculty at the IIT campus in Chennai, Sadhguru answers a question on how to handle your spirituality in work and social situations.

Sadhguru responds that yoga and spirituality are fundamentally aimed at enhancing your perception and will only bring about more clarity in a person's life, not confusion. If it's creating confusion, it just means we are not handling the external situations as they need to be handled.

Questioner: I just want to know, like, this yoga is making me very delicate and it is actually making me…

Sadhguru: So you're one of the ardent followers, is it? Give the microphone to the students… Okay, finish the question.

Questioner: I just want to know, like, in this world which is… lot of people if our love is boundless, some people are manipulative. So like should we restrict it or should we be… should we not expect anything? How to handle it?

Sadhguru: What is this question? Yoga is making you delicate, what is that?

Questioner: Like, it's making my love boundless. It's not making me to choose people. In work place, in personal life, I'm meaning to say, there are lot of back stabbers around.

Sadhguru: Oh, oh! You're beginning to fall in love with your neighbors also. Now, please understand this – the yoga that you're practicing is about enhancing the interiority of who you are. The outside has to be conducted as it needs to be conducted. When you do not know how to conduct the outside, you think it's because of your love – it's not so, it's just because of your stupidity that you cannot conduct the situation the way you want it, isn't it? So if you're driving on the street and you see a buffalo and if you go give it a kiss and say, ‘Please, I love you, please move away,’ buffalo is not the problem, isn't it? You are the problem, yes or no? Is buffalo the problem? Buffalo is behaving according to its nature; you are not behaving according to your nature, that’s the problem with you. So that is not because of love, that is because of confusion and whatever, and that definitely yoga has not done that to you. Yoga brings clarity to you, not confusion. So our ability to handle situations, if they're impaired because of some fanciful idea of love or whatever nonsense you have, then that’s not love, that’s just… you're silly and soft in your head, isn't it? Should love empower you? Okay, even if you're loving, should love empower you or impair you? It should empower you, isn't it? If it's impairing you, it's not love. You have some convoluted idea about love. If you love somebody, will you do pretty things to them always or will you do what's needed? Hmm? You’ll do what's needed, isn't it? If you have a child and you love this child, if you have to feed him you feed him, if you have to hug him you hug him, if you have to whack him you whack him, you do what's needed, isn't it? So love does not make you lose your discretion. If love… if you're losing your discretion, it is because you're becoming a Dhritarashtra. You know a Dhritarashtra problem? Nation is right now gripped with a Dhritarashtra problem. You don’t know what that is? You don’t know what a Dhritarashtra is? a Dhritarashtra, you’ve heard of the man? Ah! That guy. He's the biggest influence right now on the country.