Founder of Apollo Hospitals Group, Dr. Prathap Reddy, asks Sadhguru what it will take to create change in India. Sadhguru explains how India is suffering from a leadership deficit at the moment, and looks at why it is necessary to train Indians to be leaders.

Full Transcript:

Prathap Reddy: pranams to Sadhguru. I think it's an electrifying thing in each of us to have your presence so close, so endearing, I know everyone in the beautiful auditorium here
I think all of us when we go home we’re going to switch on the TV and want to see something which is… or open the newspaper in the morning, there are many times all of us feel this, I think I’m sharing everyone’s opinion here - what’s our nation, why is our nation like this? Can we bring a change in the way things are and go back, you know. Is that… Is that too far? Or is something that we are asking, is it too much for us to ask as citizens and as you quoted saying as law abiding people?

Sadhguru: (Laughs) There are various things to India as a nation. We are a unique concoction, okay? (Laughs) Compared to any other country, we are a… we are a magnificent chaos. (Laughter/Applause) Don’t miss the word ‘magnificent’. (Laughs) We are a magnificent chaos.

Prathap Reddy: The second they’ll feel elated. (Laughter)

Sadhguru: It is just that this chaos can produce genius, but at the same time the lack of system can frustrate people to such a point, that even simple things may not happen. This is the reality of our country. This has been the reality of our country for a long time. We produce lot of genius, but we don’t have a system to… For the genius to find expression there is no system, so we have to find the balance between these two
So a systematized presentation of management is needed for all levels of people. In this country, leadership is one big bankruptcy. If we utter the word ‘leader,’ people will just naturally think a chief minister, a prime minister, like this. If you manage to produce one good leader somewhere in some sector, down the line, people will worship him. They will not reinforce him. What a leader needs is a backup of leadership that he can bank on. But you have people worshipping you, not supporting you to do what you need to do.
So this is something that needs to happen to the nation that we need to build leaders on all levels of life. You will see if some situation happens on the street, you will see thousands of people will stand there and gape at it. There is not one leader who’ll stand up and say, ‘Okay, let’s do this.’ Neither a policeman nor the common public, nor many, many people who are there who’re holding different positions in their life, do not have the thing to stand up and take leadership for that situation. There’re no such people. You see this in many other countries, it is not so. On the street if something happens, immediately people will jump and take leadership because some kind of training has gone into them. No training has gone here into people’s way of managing things.

Prathap Reddy: We’re teaching that and it’s happening, but not at the speed with which it should happen for the whole nation.

Sadhguru: No, but we have 1.2 billion people. You train a few thousand people and we think we’re doing something. No, they’re 1.2 billion people.