The Velliangiri Mountain is one of the most sacred places in India. Also known as South Kailash because Shiva spent time here, it is “a mountain of a temple” as Sadhguru says. Sadhguru speaks of the phenomenal energy enshrined in the mountain, and how there are various tools such as the Shivanga sadhana, to receive this energy.

Editor's Note: This Mahashivratri, allow devotion to set your heart on fire and become a limb of Shiva.

Shivanga sadhana is a powerful 42-day sadhana for men that raises one’s conscious connection with the very basis of existence, Shi-va or "that which is not." 

Initiation will be offered on January 28, 2021, throughout many cities in the world. The sadhana culminates on Mahashivratri on March 11, 2021, at the Isha Yoga Center. 

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