Sadhguru looks at the history behind the celebration of Diwali, and also how this is an opportunity to bring clarity and light into our lives.​

Full Transcript:

Sadhguru: My heartiest Diwali wishes to everyone. Diwali is celebrated for various reasons but the most important aspect of Diwali is - historically, what this means is - a very cruel, strong man called Narakasura was slayed on this day by Krishna. That is a few thousand years ago. But why do we celebrate that today? A man was killed – however evil he was – many thousands of years ago, should not be relevant to us. But the relevance of Deepavali is that this is not about Krishna slaying a… the evil in somebody else. This is an important inspiration for us to see that we are able to remove the negativities in our lives because it is only by removing negativity that new clarity will arise. Only when there is clarity, there is new sense of light. It is from this context that on this day, the entire country – in your homes, in the cities, in the whole nation - we have… In the entire country – in your homes, in your cities, in… right across the nation - we are lighting lamps to indicate a new light has risen in our lives. We need to understand this – even if there is light around us, if we have no clarity in our vision, we cannot see that light, we cannot experience the light, we cannot enjoy the light. So the significance of this festival of Deepavali is that we bring a new clarity within us. This clarity will arise within us only when we remove the cobwebs of the past, only when we remove the cobwebs of our prejudice, only when we remove the veil of ignorance within us, that a new clarity will arise. It is this clarity, which leads to light. On this Deepavali, may you arise into a new level of clarity and vision. Let there be light in your life.