R ecently NDTV invited Sadhguru to be part of a varied panel of theoretical physicists, microbiologists, social scientists and religious leaders on their popular program "The Big Fight". In a gripping debate about the recently discovered "God particle", Sadhguru talks about how the term "God particle" is a catchy misnomer.

He ellucidates how science has begun to go beyond ordinary knowledge and started touching the realm of extraordinary knowledge, known in the yogic science as "vignana" which cannot be grasped by the intellect. Then he goes on to explain the limitations of the intellect and talks about human capability being beyond intellect. Science has become about using everything for our benefit, which Sadhguru says is a gross way of looking at life.

In a lively debate about Science v.s Religion, Sadhguru commends the scientific attitude of battling its own assumptions. Talking about the purpose of creation, he points out that the yogic lore has always depicted creation as purposeless, as a "Leela" or play. Finally, Sadhguru reveals the basis of creation as depicted in yogic lore and from his own experience as a yogi and mystic.