Sadhguru answers a seeker, who asks if people are beginning to recognize the science behind the many spiritual processes in the world. Rather than trying to bring about a change forcefully, Sadhguru remarks that if individuals work on making the needed changes within themselves, it can lead to a true revolution on the planet, in terms of how people act and experience life.

Questioner: You mentioned different religions have got rituals today. And some of them took the…dropped the science and, you know, glorified the rituals and went forward, be it Hinduism or any –ism. In your experience have you had a chance to see that the science is slowly coming back to the people and the rituals are going down? I just want to get a feel on that. Thank you.

Sadhguru: In general sciences are understood only as physical sciences, which is a very gross way to live. See, the physical science has no answer for life. Physical science and technology can only bring comfort and convenience to your life. It cannot solve your life situations. Western societies are enough proof of this. Isn’t it so? Yes? They do not solve any problem of humanity. They bring much more comfort and convenience to our life. Definitely because of science and technology we are the most comfortable generation ever on the planet. Isn’t it so?

So, when we say sciences, let’s understand sciences are also of esoteric nature. Sciences are not just physical, but today only physical sciences are being promoted as science. About are other dimensions of sciences, are they coming back? My whole work has been just to strive this, strive for this. We are bringing this inner science into people’s lives. It’s made sufficient impact but not enough because the problem that exists in the world is too big. It needs much, much, much more work to make it happen. It has definitely done something. The sciences have been brought back, at least in some minimal way to common people as they understand it. Even in rural villages in Tamil Nad, we have done this in 1350 villages right now, and you see there is a change in the way they are looking at their life. They are making some effort to change their living conditions which they thought is God ordained. All these years, they believed this is God’s will, this is how we are. Now, they are making some effort to change which is the only way life can change. There is no overnight solution. If we work at it, if our whole life if we work at it, if we leave 10% change, it’s a tremendous thing because social realities cannot be changed like this. People have tried to change it through violent methods. All you will do is you will replace one tyrant with many. That’s all that will happen in the name of revolutions.

So, right now we have set forth a revolution, we call this ‘Silent Revolution of Self Realization.’ Is there a banner? No. Whenever we talk about revolution, most of the time people are talking about changing somebody, isn’t it? – All the time rather. See, you wanting somebody else to change is not a revolution. This is an age old problem. Mother-in-law wants the daughter-in-law to change; daughter-in-law wants the mother-in-law to change, isn’t this an age old problem? Is there a revolution in it? What is revolutionary about it? You want somebody else to change – there is no revolution about it. ‘I am willing to change’ this is a revolution. This will bring about genuine change in the world. That ‘I am willing to change my ways to make things happen’ – this will bring about the change. So, this is the Silent Revolution, and it’s a science as to how to change yourself.