15th August 2015, is India's 69th Independence Day, a reminder to express our gratitude to previous generations who strove for the freedom of this country. Here is Sadhguru’s stirring message to the Indian people.

Full Transcript:

In the last few centuries India as a nation and Indians as people have lived far below the potential for variety of reasons. Though it’s been sixty eight years, nourishment, health, education is yet to be addressed for nearly half the population. In the last one year there is a new sense of hope and expectations in the Indian people and also in the world beyond. There is an opportunity to power ourselves into well-being because we have the synergy of youth. We as a nation neither have enough land nor water nor mountain nor forest nor even a piece of sky for 1.2 billion people. The only thing we have is people.

If we leave this population uneducated, unfocused, unskilled and uninspired, we have a disaster in the waiting but if the same population if we can transform this in this generation into a focused, capable and inspired population, we have a miracle in the waiting, in the sense, for the first time nearly half a billion people, we can move them from one level of living to a completely another level of living which is historic; never before had it happened anywhere through the democratic process.

India has the opportunity to become a powerful nation on the planet. When I say powerful, it’s not about a powerful army. It is just that we have the power to guide the rest of the world. We have the knowledge and the capability to guide the world towards well-being. The rest of the world will naturally look towards India because always right through ancient time’s wisdom means the world looked east towards India. We should not lose this position and for us to gain this position becoming a powerful nation by empowering people is a must and the possibility is right here; we are sitting on the threshold. Through this message I request every Indian citizen whether you are in the country or you are Indian origin and you are elsewhere; this great possibility – realizing this great possibility is not going to happen just because of the leadership.

It is important that every Indian citizen stands up to make this happen;
How do I do it? This will be the question. Whatever you are doing in your life, whether you are a peasant or a politician whether you are a police man or a doctor whether you are a lawyer or an engineer, whatever jobs we are doing, let’s do it well, this is the only way to build a nation. Nation building does not happen with great speeches and slogans; it happens because of every one of us do whatever we are doing at a different level of function. Whatever we are doing happens out of dedication and commitment to creating a new nation.

Here we are sitting on a possibility, a threshold where we can move a huge mass of humanity from one level of living to another. This is a possibility which is historic; very few generations have ever had this opportunity, It’s my wish that every Indian should strive for this and make this happen. I particularly appeal to those who are the political class in this country ‘please do your politics at the time of election; rest of the time allow the governments elected either in the center or in the states to function in a sensible manner, in a way that will be beneficial for people. Please let politics happen only a month before election time. Rest of the time let everyone of us work to make this nation into a great possibility.