Sadhguru looks at how the human system can be influenced by the solar and lunar cycles. He speaks of how once a person lives through 1008 lunar cycles, an individual’s bond with the planet is largely broken, and with very little assistance, such an individual can go beyond the cycles of birth and death.

Full Transcript:

Sadhguru: Oh. How they affect the system and what are the different ways it’s impacting us… you go into the detail, it’ll take too long - we’re already late for dinner. So (Laughs), the very process of our birth is connected to these cycles. You know that clearly the feminine cycles and our birth is very directly connected. Apart from that, this twelve-and-a-quarter, somewhere between eleven-and-three-fourths to twelve-and-a-quarter is one solar cycle - it varies a little bit. If you complete seven cycles of the solar system… If you complete seven solar cycles, you will complete one-thousand-and-eight lunar cycles. That is, if you live for eighty-four years and three months, you would have completed seven solar cycles and one-thousand-and-eight lunar cycles. If you just manage to live that long… (Laughs) I may be encouraging (a) lot of rubbish now. (Laughter)

If you just manage to live to complete seven solar cycles and one-thousand-and-eight lunar cycles, then you can break a certain bond with the earth. Your bond with the planet is broken largely. And very easily, with very little assistance, even if you know nothing about anything, with very little assistance, you can go beyond the cycles of birth and death. Because your bond with the planet and the material of the planet, the memory of which you carry within you and the memory of you - the material also carries; you will break that bond. Once this bond is broken, then the work that needs to be done is very simple. When people say the salt of the earth, it has more meaning than most people understand. You are the salt of the earth. This whole body is just a small blob which has just popped out of this planet - everything you know as myself today. I know you talked about soul and everything. That’s all… Because you came from North India, right. Yes?

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In Southern India, we’ve beaten that thing out of people. (Laughter) We’ve been working on them for last thirty years and we’ve… nobody utters the word “soul” anymore - at least in front of me. (Laughter) So (Laughs), what you call as myself right now is just a little blob of earth which just splashes out and falls back and this keeps happening because there is a bond between the planet and you. The energies that you refer to as myself and the material which has become the manifestation of yourself, these two things have gotten linked. It’s a very deep… It’s a very profound relationship. But if you complete seven cycles of the sun and… Not ‘and,’ along with that you complete one-thousand-and-eight lunar cycles, then your bond with the planet is largely broken. From there on, it becomes very simple. With a very small push, it could be done.

So, if you have not done anything right, all you have to do is torment the world with eighty-four years of you (Few Laugh) and… Because ultimately it’s only the result that matters. It once happened. A priest from Alabama died. Anybody from Alabama? I can change the state if there is somebody here. (Laughter) He died and went to the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter was interviewing people, checking their documents and their records, and letting them in or sending them out was happening. Right in front of the priest was a man with a yellow shirt, black dots - black polka dots on a yellow shirt, a leather jacket and skin-tight pants, cigarette dangling from his lips (Pauses) and coolers. (Gestures) So when his turn came, Saint Peter asked him, “Who are you?” He said, “I’m a taxi driver from Vegas.” Then very carefully Peter checked his records and he said, “Welcome,” and he asked one of the angels to come, give him a silken robe and a golden stick to assist him and angels escorted him and took him away.

And the priest looked at this, “Wow! If a taxi driver is getting this kind of treatment, that too from Vegas – he’s getting this kind of treatment. I’m a priest from Alabama. Let me see.” So Peter looked through all his records and he told the angels, “Gime… Give him the workman’s overalls, and a spade, and a bucket. Put him to work!” The priest said, “Okay, wait a minute, wait a minute. Here… It looks like there is a mistake here. I just now saw a taxi driver from the Sin city getting a fabulous treatment. I’m a priest for forty-two years. I praise the Lord and you’re giving me workman’s overalls, a spade, and a bucket. What is this?” Peter looked at him with enormous patience and he said, “Here, we reward everybody only by the results. Whenever you conducted your mass, people slept. Whenever he drove, people prayed. (Laughter/Applause) So he gets what you (he) get, you get what you get.” (Laughter) (Laughs)