Sadhguru explains how if we are serious about progressing on the spiritual path, every day, we must look at how much of us is sense and how much is nonsense. And, he also says, to ask two friends and two people who don't like you.

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Questioner: Yes, question, yeah. Yeah, I learnt a simple process in Osho, which says that you know, whenever doubt arises in our life, you know, doubt the doubt and whenever trust arises, trust the trust. So that helped me a lot in terms of my…

Vinita Bali: So your question would be?

Questioner: My question is now that the ultimate, next step we are saying, the ultimate as the final step, I would like to ask is dissolution or what we call moksha, hmm? That is one area, which you know, I don’t know how to take a, you know, step forward. I don’t know whether I… my question is clear.

Sadhguru: You want to dissolve (Laughter)? Okay.

Questioner: That is the ultimate process.

Sadhguru: You need a barrel of sulphuric acid (Laughter). Please, sit down.

Vinita Bali: Okay, can we have s…

Sadhguru: No, we will answer that question.

Vinita Bali: Should we take one or two other questions, if you are okay with that?

Sadhguru: But you won’t get this kind of a question (Laughter/Applause).

Vinita Bali: Okay, we won’t get this. All right (Applause), all right.

Time 126:49

Sadhguru: (Laughs) See, the reason why the so-called spiritual process has fallen upon ridicule in the world is – well, there may be few entrepreneurs who do their own things, leave them, I’m not going into that – but the reason why spiritual process has become ridiculous on the planet is because people try to do the highest things on the street side, without the necessary committed atmosphere, without the necessary focus, simply talk about mukti, moksha. You know, in the previous generation, everybody talked about mukti, moksha, just about anywhere, sitting, standing. Whenever life became mi… miserable, they want moksha, when it’s going well, they forget about moksha (Laughs). Their idea of moksha itself is convoluted. So this is important. With all due respect to everybody who has spoken about these things, maybe those things were spoken in a certain atmosphere to a certain individual towards a certain purpose. I think it’s quite irresponsible first of all to print that in a book and just everybody reads it, without knowing the context of what it is, without having gon… gone through the journey that person who asked that question has go… gone through. The question doesn’t have depth. Answers we can give any number, all you will do is you’ll pick up more words from today evening and it’s not going to do anything.

If you are serious about it, if you’re really serious about it, if you’re serious about your journey, leave all this. First of all, get rid of all the jargon, all the spiritual jargon. Just come to this much – how much of you is sense, how much of you is nonsense? Sit down, unprejudiced just make an evaluation, just an accountant’s job, okay? How much of you is – let me use the right, appropriate word – sense and how much of you is nonsense. Every day, sieve it out, you will see it’s not an easy job and ask some of you… two friends of yours and two people who don’t like you (Laughter), also to assess you. You know, you need a (an?) outside opinion, isn’t it? Second opinion (Laughs) is always good. You will see it’s a great cleansing process. Instead of talking mukti, moksha, dissolution, sushupthi, something else, something else – these are all words. Anybody can pick up Sanskrit words, what is the point? Let’s take… All the scriptures, all the teachings, all the philosophies, all the great things that people have spoken about, all of them are worth nothing, compared to a single existential te… step that you took inward. If you take one step, it is worth more than all the scriptures in the universe put together (Applause)