Sadhguru speaks about how crafting philosophies in your head ultimately takes you away from truth. Referring to philosophers, Sadhguru mentions that "People have fallen in love with words and lost the world." He goes on to explain how people can work to bring themselves closer to truth.

Sadhguru: There was a terrible actor, a truly lousy actor who was playing Hamlet As the play went on it got worse. When he came to the famous, ‘To be or not to be’ soliloquy, people started throwing things at him. They took their footwear and threw it So he got offstage and said, ‘Well folks, I didn’t write this crap.’ All the miserable people in the world think there is something wrong with the creation; all the miserable people in the world think Creator has made a mistake To explain this mistake or to explain themselves into that mistake, they have all kinds of philosophies All the philosophies on the planet if you put them together, all the philosophies on the planet if you put them together, all of them together do not have the beauty of a single leaf in this tree but still it occupies people for a lifetime because it gives them the kind of explanations that they like to hear Philosophers are usually out-of-work men – not many women philosophers, isn't it?

Out-of-work men who at least have an explanation as to why they’re out of work So these out-of-work men, who have nothing else to do or nothing else to create, keep churning up philosophies Anybody coming up with any kind of philosophy is sacrilege against creation Nobody has any business even to generate a single thought when so much has been done If you come here a thousand lifetimes and 24 hours if you pay attention, still you will not know a miniscule part of creation When this kind of creation is here, anybody thinking up their own nonsense is absolute sacrilege, but socially, unfortunately, the world has reached a point where if you say something that nobody understands, most people believe you’re being very intelligent Intelligence is in being able to make people understand what they could not understand Intelligence is not in what people knew perfectly well for ages - confuse the hell out of them That’s not intelligence.

But unfortunately it passes off as being smart, being intelligent People have fallen in love with words and lost the world. It’s time to regain it If you… If you stand on the summit of the garbage heap of one's mind, your feet will never touch the ground If your feet never touch the ground, you will never know what this is It is for this reason that in this culture wherever you see people go all out down, they want their whole body to touch the ground, not just the feet Most part of their life or most part of the day, the very culture was designed in such a way that you walk barefoot unless you’re going on rough terrain because we want you to be in touch with the earth If you don’t get anything else, if you as much as sit like this for 10 days, you will know a lot more than reading a thousand books because if you just sit like this, Mother Earth will creep up into you without your permission. Don’t believe that She need not creep up, because as this little bit of grass has shot out of the earth, you also just like that, little mobile, otherwise right now as you sit here you are just a mound of earth, that’s all you are You may believe yourself to be something, but that's all you are.

And that's not small If you believe yourself to be something other than that you are small; otherwise you’re the planet itself, you’re the creation itself So you’re just a bump on the planet and don’t think that's small Velliangiri Mountains also small bump on the planet; Himalayas also small bump on the planet; you too It’s in being in touch with reality in every possible way that one will know, not by thinking up nonsense which may pass in a tea party; existentially it will not pass It may pass with a bunch of fools that you’ve gathered around you in the form of society; it will not pass in the eyes of the Creator If you do not pass in the eyes of the Creator, all the other distinctions that you may attain are just empty stuff, it will not stand by you When the time to shed this coil, when the time to put earth back into earth comes, it will not stand by you, for sure.