This week has mainly been an effort to put in the number of mandatory flying hours needed to become a licensed heli-pilot. Looks like my schedule will not allow that within this visit to the USA. But, I managed my first cross country flight to Atlanta and back, with heavy clouds and a bit of rain that was challenging, and exciting keeping the craft at the treetop level in low visibility for quite some part of the journey.

The Shambhavi Initiation went off with great guns in Atlanta. Cramped for time but the eagerness with which they all participated was very touching. Many of them had traveled from various places in the country and quite a few from across the borders. The magic and the blessing of Shambhavi are touching more and more. It is my wish and my endeavor that every human being should have one drop of spirituality. And that is the only insurance that human beings will not use their capabilities enhanced by the tech-power against all life on this planet.

Today is the Buddha Purnima, that momentous full moon night when Gautama blossomed into a Buddha.......

The Tree The Moon The Man

A prince wrapped in the folds
of regal pleasures and platitudes


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Stung by the pain of ignorance
leaves all that a lesser man would cherish

The power of princehood, comfort of palace
warmth of a loving wife and joys of an infant son

The scourge of ignorance sears his mind
that he chooses to beg than be a Baron

The barrenness of not knowing
transforms into striving extraordinaire

The flower of knowing could not be denied
to the one who was a burning longing

The coolness of the full moon
An appropriate setting for the flowering

That cooled and quenched...
'O the blossoming of Knowing

Love & Grace